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It’s Hallow-Scream! In honor of the scariest month of the year, we’re bringing you our top gruesome, blood-curding, haunting  music videos of all time. So grab a friend or a bible and let’s get ready to eat, drink and be scared! Here are the 6 bone-chilling videos:

  1. MC Hammer- Addams Grove: Wednesday and Pugsley from the hit TV Show “The Addams Family” wickedly try to behead Hammer for lunch. Yikes! He tries to seek help but he ends up on a torture wheel then his head is put on a platter at the dinner table. Thankfully, Hammer is too legit to quit and didn’t get his head devoured. However, he did get into a bad-ass sword fight with the rest of the Addams Family in a graveyard.

  1. Chris Brown- Wall to Wall: What is Halloween without vampires? A sexy vampire uses her feminine wiles to seduce Breezy and ultimately goes in for a bite. Chris then turns into a vampire and seeks to find the mystery girl who left him entranced. After some hot dance sequences and a bit of imagination, Breezy unexpectedly runs into his Lady Vamp again. We call this love at first bite!

  1. Childish Gambino- Bonfire: Puking blood after surviving being hanged from a tree?! Yes, Childish Gambino took it there in this video. The singer sees a group of young people camping out by a fireplace. While listening to what seems to be a horror story, Gambino sees a man running towards the group with a knife. Bino quickly grabs a pocket knife (left beside him) and tries to “help” the people. Only one problem! The group can’t hear or see him. If you love “The Sixth Sense,” you will love this video.

  1. The Game- Martians Vs Goblin ft. Lil Wayne, Tyler, the Creator: One word to describe this video, creepy. Game is being wheeled around a mental ward by a nurse. The video creates a sinister, eerie feeling as he tries to escape from his strait-jacket. In the song, he raps, “Snatch up Rihanna and throw her in front of a f***in train.” The good news, Rihanna did not end up in front of a train but unfortunately, Game gets taken to the coroner’s room and put to sleep.

  1. Eminem- 3 A.M: Eminem’s new name should be “enter at your own risk.” In the “3 A.M.” video, Slim Shady raps about being a serial killer, questioning his own sanity and recalling a string of murders.

 “It’s 3 A.M. in the mornin’, put my key in the door and bodies layin’ all over the floor and I don’t remember how they got there but I guess I must’ve killed em.”

Welp! It’s best if none of these rappers come for Em.

And our number 1 pick goes to…

  1. Michael Jackson- Thriller: It only makes sense that the King of Pop gets the No. 1 spot for the coolest, scariest and Fang-tastic video. It’s “Dawn of the dead” meets Bed-sty. The “Thriller” video cost half-a-million dollars to make at the time and that wasn’t the scariest part of the 13-minute visual. Imagine zombies chasing you down the street into an abandoned house and there’s no one to save you but your ware wolf boyfriend…or is it all a dream? “Thriller” will definitely go down in history as one of THEE best videos of all time.

Get your scare on with these top 6 videos. Make sure your doors are locked and have a boo-tiful night. What’s your favorite horror music video?

Written By: Cynthia Casimir


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