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It’s a good week to be a 90s baby! Steve Harvey is sitting down with some of our favorite heartthrobs in honor of  “Men of 90’s R&B Week,” where special guests like Keith Sweat, Montell Jordan, Ginuwine, New Edition and Bobby Brown will be featured.

In the interim, Steve sits down with a few of these men to catch up, which turned out to be very informative and interesting. Bad Boy of R&B Bobby Brown definitely left us shocked when he admitted that Janet Jackson broke his heart and he was head over heels for her. He also spoke on his late wife Whitney Houston and her vocals, as well as the infuriating rumor that he led Whitney to drugs.

Steve: How did you meet Janet, Janet Jackson?

Bobby: “I first met Janet Jackson when I was with New Edition, um, Michael invited us over to the house. We hung out with Mike the whole day and Janet was there, of course Latoya was there…and it was just funny. I had a crush on her for so long, from seeing her on good times and different things, and it was just… I don’t know… it was just surreal that I was in her presence when I did meet her. It was great…it a lot of heart of though.”

Steve: Lets talk about the rumors for a second, because the rumors have it that you introduced the drugs to Whitney, what really happened?

Bobby: “Well no, I didn’t introduce drugs to Whitney at all. We did drugs together. Um, there was no introducing her to anything, she already knew about drugs. Um when I grew up with New Edition, we smoked weed, we drank beers and things like that. I didn’t get into really heavy drugs until I met Whitney. But um, it destroys people, it destroys so many people out there. And you know, you have a lot of money. Its so many things you can do and its coming at you. Being in the business we’re in I mean it just comes at you so you’re either gonna fall into it or you’re not gonna fall into it… and unfortunately we both did at a time in our life.”

 Steve: Was she the greatest voice you ever heard?

Bobby: “Yes, definitely…definitely by far… (There will never be another voice like Whitney) not as pure and from the soul like her. I mean when she slept if snored, it was in perfect pitch. So yes, I think she was the greatest voice of our time and many time to come.”

Bobby’s segment airs Wednesday June 15th followed by Montell Jordan on July 16th, and Ginuwine on June 17th. Take a look at the preview below!

Written By: Chey Lyn


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