Technology today is rapidly changing and upgrading faster than we can blink our very own eyes. It’s changing the way we communicate with one another, how we connect on various social media platforms and how we surf the internet.

We’re familiar with the major tech moguls such as Microsoft Founder and CEO Bill Gates, Apple CEO Steve Jobs, and Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin. But as the great proverb saying goes, “Behind every great man stands a woman behind him.”  Not only is there some awesome girl magic in the world of technology, but BLACK GIRL MAGIC and we’re here to celebrate these ladies.

Did you know that women, African Americans and Latinos are underrepresented in all occupations within the tech sector? According to USA TODAY, “tech companies for years recruited from the same schools and backgrounds, reinforcing hiring patterns while ignoring the proven hurdles that keep women and people of color from landing jobs and getting promoted in the industry.”

Here is a list of some of the Top Black Woman Techies you should get to know:

Photo (Bari A Williams)

Erica Joy Backer: Meet Erica Joy Baker. She is currently a Director of engineering at Kickstarter and former senior engineer at Slack Technologies.  Over the last few years, Baker has become an influential voice in the push for greater inclusion and diversity in the technology industry.  While working for Slack, she helped found “Project Include,” which is a organization that helps young tech companies make their workforces more diverse and their corporate cultures more inclusive.  “Any Black woman who wants to be in engineering management should get the support mentorship and sponsorship to do that. I am going to do everything I can to make it so,” Baker today USA Today in an interview.

(Eosa Ighodaro) received 7/23/17 Credit: IG @anythingbutsoso

Eosa Ighodaro: Co-Sign, is a shopping app to help ease and solve some of our shopping woes. Eosa Ighodaro created this mobile app that makes products with an image shoppable on social media. And as a bonus perk, users can also make a commission for every product purchased through the app. Pretty neat! Though there are similar apps out there, Eosa’s mission is to create a space where women can gather, discuss ideas and forge partnerships.

Photo (Bari A Williams)

Bari A. Williams Esq: Diversity gets people in the door; inclusion keeps them there.” Bari A. Williams is a true force to be reckoned with in the world of tech. She is Head of Business Operations Management, North America at Stubhub, where she is responsible for business planning and operations. Before joining Stubhub, Bari was Lead Counsel at Facebook working for the Global Infrastructure, Development, and Operations (Inbound) Commercial Legal team or aka Tech Attorney. Her main role was drafting and negotiating contracts supporting Facebook’s connectivity efforts, building aircrafts, satellites, and lasers, along with purchasing and procurement to keep the company running. Williams passion for diversity has excelled to new levels as she served on Facebook’s Black Employee Resource Group leadership team, which recently had its successful inaugural “Black Leadership Day” event. She also led a Black Lives Matter forum discussion for the company.

photo (Regina Gwynn) received 7/23/17 Credit: IG @Cocotique

Regina Gywnn: Who doesn’t love good hair care? We sure do! Co-founder and CEO of TresseNoire Regina Gwyn stepped outside of the box to create an on-location beauty app designed for women of color in New York City & Philadelphia. Her goal and determination was to find an easier path to daily beauty solutions for women of color. “I am inspired by the magic that is being a woman. Our beauty is so much more than skin deep, and there is a real truth to adage. The idea of helping women look and feel strong, capable, accomplished and beautiful is exciting.” With the app, you can schedule an appointment with an experienced and licensed natural haircare stylist who will come to your home or office for a hair consultation. #winning! For more information visit your mobile app store today!

(Lauren Washington ) received 7/23/17 Credit:

Lauren Washington: She is the founder of the quickly growing and engagement platform for social media KeepUp, which helps businesses focus on relevant messaging. Lauren’s career background began in online marketing.  “Being a woman in tech means bringing a new perspective to the industry. While there a plenty of women in tech who are making great strides, were still underrepresented, especially in leadership roles. Tech is all about innovation, finding a problem and bringing a new solution to it. The best way to do it is to bring new perspectives and right now women have the advantage in that area.” She is also the founder of Black Women Talk Tech, a new event series that supports diversity and inclusion in the startup ecosystem.

Written By: Tiffany Hercules 


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