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Birth of a Nation  Director and Actor, Nate Parker (Beyond the Lights, The Great Debaters) stated on an interview with Access Hollywood that he reclaimed the title “Birth of a Nation” from D.W. Griffith, using it’s attachment to blood and war, but re- purposing it stand with people who are “standing for up justice, who has a rider’s disposition toward injustice, who want to heal, [and] look back on the things that happened in this country- and the scars and wounds they created..” Let Nate Parker tell you with his own words about the film and why he chose to tell this specific story.

Nate Parker has worked with the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Danny Glover, Forrest Whitaker and is mentored by the one and only Denzel Washington. He’s played in some of our favorites, like Red Tails and The Secret Life of the Bees. He is not a thespian that takes his roles lightly. The Sundance phenomena is already getting Oscar buzz, especially after the worldwide rights were bought by Fox Searchlight for $17.5 million. Fox is the same company who released the Academy Award winning film 12 Years A Slave in 2014. Fox Searchlight may have won the pot, but Netflix, Sony and The Weinstein Company all played a hand in the bidding war. Sundance Festival history was made, making it deal the biggest deal in festival history. Birth of a Nation was made for $8.3 million.


Parker shared at the Sundance premiere some of the difficulties it took making the movie; for reasons such as the subject matteBirth of a Nation(1)r, the resistance that comes with seeing people of color on the big screen and, of course, the rules of the industry. Parker traveled all around the world to raise money (or beg, as he called it) to finance the making of the film. It took 7 years for his vision to become a reality. Nate closes his speech stating “I made this movie for one reason only, creating change agents” adding, “There are still a lot of injustices in our world.” Will you go see this film? Let us know below!


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