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Madonna showed up and proudly performed her tribute to the legendary Prince alongside the iconic Stevie Wonder on Sunday at the 2016 Billboard Awards. The performance opened with the “Material Girl” sitting on a royal purple throne, dressed in Prince inspired regalia. She opened with Prince’s single, “Nothing Compares 2 U.”

Madonna was then joined by Stevie Wonder. As they gave their best performance of “Purple Rain,” the crowd flowed and waved purple lights, while celebrities like Rihanna threw a quick dab. Take a look below.

However, as beautiful as the crowd may have found the tribute, viewers felt differently.  Many fans took to social media to voice their opinions and frustrations about the less than pleasing tribute for the musical genius.

Apparently, BET agreed with the public and less than an hour after the Billboard Awards ended, they launched their advertisement for the BET Awards with a video and a caption that read, “Yeah, we saw that. Don’t worry. We got you.

#BET is here to let you know ? #BETAwards #PrinceTribute #Everythinggl #EntertainmentRedux #ER #EGL #EGL2016 ™ @entertainmentredux

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Well, Madonna has finally responded to critics. She took to Instagram, writing, “Anyone who wants to do a tribute to Prince is welcome to,” she wrote. “Whatever your age Gender or skin Color. If you loved him and he inspired you then show it!!!! I love Prince 4 ever.”

There you have it! The 2016 BET Awards air on June 26th and fans are expecting a “Prince Worthy” tribute.

Written By: Chey Lyn


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