Bernaes (Photographer).(2014).[Untitled Photo of Model with Red and Purple Highlights]. Retrieved June 18, 2016 from

The Bernaes Hair+Fashion Show is a demonstration of how the compilation of hair and fashion can influence trends and inspire generations. The show spans approximately 12 cities including Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Miami and St. Thomas (UVI); just to name a few. The host, Bernaes, are a California-based institution and salon that specializes in educating the best and brightest beauty professionals in the multi-cultural beauty industry. The Bernaes Hair+Fashion Show serves as platform for beauty talent to display their creativity and promote their businesses. It is also highly attend by the “who’s who” in the beauty industry. Celebrity hairstylist Derek J (Atlanta) and celebrity barber, Dave Diggs (San Jose) both served as judges for the Chicago show. While the hair was accompanied by the fashions of Mario B and Barbara Bates.

The show is not limited to beauty professionals, but an invitation is extended to beauty enthusiasts, bloggers, and anyone with a passion for the industry.

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The funds from the Chicago show went to supporting the Barbara Bates Foundation whose is committed to serving economically disadvantaged High School Seniors for prom attire.  In addition, to philanthropy toward the education and awareness of Breast Cancer.

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Written By: Chimere Brown



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