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With Earth Day celebrations in full bloom this weekend now is the perfect time to chat on the latest in natural beauty trends for the 2016 season. Joining us for the conversation this month is licensed esthetician and founder of Monee Skincare Brittany Brown. Brittany definitely knows a thing or two about natural beauty; her skincare line Monee is a delightful collection of body butters and facial products that hinge on all things natural and simple formulations to delight natural beauties. Read on as Brittany shares her insights on everything from using tap water to wash your face to fab facial ideas to keep your skin looking pristine and fresh for the spring season.

1.) What are some of this springs best natural ingredients?

My favorite natural ingredient would be Coconut oil. I literally put it on everything. It’s the perfect go-to product when you are looking for that summer time glow without the greasy feel. It’s lightweight and the skin absorbs it very quick

2.) What is your recipe for the perfect Earth Day Facial Regimen? 

Kick off spring with a good cleanser and moisturizer. Our Seaberry Cleansing Lotion and Hydration Crème is the perfect combination. It gently cleanses the skin without stripping it of its natural oils. The Hydration Crème is super lightweight and great to use before makeup application (so you won’t feel greasy and sweaty under the sun.)

Since, I originally started as a DIY-girl one of my favorite things to create are Masks! One of my all-time favorites is a mixture of lemon juice, water, and honey. It’s the perfect spring time mask. The lemon juice helps to brighten skin, while also lightening any dark spots or hyperpigmentation; the honey on the other hand is a natural humectant that helps to draw moisture back into the skin, and soothes it from becoming inflamed from excessive sun exposure.

3.) If tap water isn’t good enough to drink is it good enough for our skin? Should we use an alternative?

 The water that comes through our faucets sometimes can contain minerals and heavy metals that can irritate pre-existing skin related diseases like psoriasis and rosacea so I do understand the concerns. As an alternative you can always replace your showerhead or install a faucet filter to prevent further irritation.

 4.) Can you settle the paraben debate once and for all? Are parabens a yes or no in cosmetics?

 Parabens are absolutely a BIG NO!

5.) Do you have a favorite Natural Spa?

I perform all my natural spa treatments and rituals from the comfort of my home using my skincare line Monee’. I created the line with a simple and easy routine that can be used whether you are in the spa or at home.

 6.) Favorite detox drink?

 Favorite drink would be the Master Cleanse mixture of lemon juice, cayenne pepper, maple syrup, and water. This drink cleans you from the inside which can assist in skin’s vibrancy.

 7.) Do you have any ingredients that you think natural beauties should stay away from

There are so many ingredients to avoid one in particular would definitely be parabens. I encourage all natural beauties to to do your research and understand what ingredients work with your skin type. Just because the ingredient is natural doesn’t mean it will be beneficial to your specific skin type.

Learn more about Monee Skincare by visiting the company’s website

Written By: Regina Tucker


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