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Hi beauties! There are so many things happening in the beauty world right now! Read on for the 411.

MAC is Launching five lip kits that cater to brown skin!

 MAC is back with their amazing lip kits, but this time they are raising the bar by adding some sexy bullet and liner duos that perfectly compliment brown skin. Some of the features are film noir and chestnut, instigator and cyberworld, and media and vino. The lip kits will be on sale online and in store for only $29 starting March 23 through March 29.

 Vegan lipstick by Storybook Cosmetics

Kelsey Steigman. 2017. A Game of Thrones Makeup Collection is Currently in the Works. Retrieved 3/20/17 from
Storybook Cosmetics, known for their pop culture inspired beauty lines, is gearing up to release their new line of matte and metallic, VEGAN, liquid lipstick. While an exact release date has not been announced yet, the company started a real buzz by hinting at a possible release in a few weeks via their Instagram account @storybookcosmetics.

Sephora gets ahead of the game

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Not a makeup artist? No problem! Sephora has come to the rescue by creating their new futuristic app that teaches you how to apply makeup. In this app there are tutorials, pre-made looks, and more that can be virtually applied to your face. Upon completion, the virtual items you used will be listed for possible purchase. Convenience at its best!

Target Sale

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As if there weren’t a million reasons why everyone loves Target already, the company recently announced that in addition to their intention to go green, they also plan to dramatically reduce the price of their health and beauty products. They didn’t say why or when they intend to do so, but be on the lookout and keep your cash ready to grab those deals.

Turmeric to the Rescue

Chelsea Elizabeth. 2015. DIY Turmeric Mask Before and After. Retrieved 3/20/17 from
If you’ve been following the beauty community on YouTube or Instagram lately, we’re sure you have come across the turmeric trend. Many beautynistas are swearing by the spice as a solution to acne-prone skin and hyperpigmentation. While the spice does have a healing reputation in non-western cultures, should we be rushing to embrace it? Have you tried a DIY turmeric face mask or anything with turmeric to solve your skin issues? Let us know your results below.
That’s all the beauty news we have for you this week, stay pretty!
Written By: Princess Kabakole, Beauty Associate Editor


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