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We get it, alopecia, balding, and hair loss can wreak havoc on anyone’s self-esteem. Though, mostly caused by genetics and aging, any signs of significant hair loss can cause panic. Luckily, we have Desired Extensions, a company that not only caters to women experiencing issues with hair loss but empowers them by boosting self-esteem. That in itself deserves an applause, especially since there’s so many of us walking around with negative body images.
EGL sat down with Gina Conwell, owner of Desired Extensions to learn more about her amazing brand and contributions to the beauty industry. Conwell entered the beauty scene in 2001, selling professional products to hair stylists in Georgia. The beauty guru’s time in the industry inspired Desired Extensions, which opened in 2009. Desired Extensions boasts of five different hair collections that offers 100% remy human hair. Desired Hair also includes reinforced wefts and healthy, strong strands that allows hair to last over 12 months! We love that!
Read on for more information on Desired Extensions and how this beauty brand is inspiring women:

Photo Credit: [Desired Extensions]. (N.D). Retrieved 3/20/2017 from
EGL: What was the purpose of launching Desired Extensions?

Conwell: I saw more & more women being diagnosed with alopecia, either losing some or all of their hair. I immediately started doing research on human hair wigs. I saw the need for the public to be given more information on hair extensions & wig choices. There were companies selling human hair wigs (Full Lace wigs) but it simply was not affordable to the average working consumer. Desired Extensions was then started in 2009, I decided that high quality hair wigs should be provided to your everyday working class at an affordable price.

EGL: What is your daily motivation to keep doing what you are doing?

Conwell: My daily motivation is knowing that I have helped relieve people from the stress in finding quality hair extensions. The most popular statement I hear the most is “I can’t believe that I’ve had this unit (wig) for 2+ years, I’m so happy I found your company”. The excitement & happiness in their voice would keep anyone motivated. I can’t imagine doing anything else more fulfilling than creating confidence & happiness for others.

Photo Credit: [Desired Extensions]. (N.D). Retrieved 3/20/2017 from
EGL: What do you want people to know about your business?

Conwell: Desired Extensions is here to assist you in finding a solution to your hair loss problem or helping you create a new look. We create custom hair pieces for any thinning or balding area, no matter the size of the problematic area. Our hair pieces can be integrated with your own hair to add length or fullness. I want the customer to know that we are able to customize a unit/wig with a cap construction to fit his/her needs. We also have a variety of hair lengths & textures such as straight, wavy, curly, kinky curly & extreme kinky, etc.

What are your future plans for the growth of your brand?

We are very excited about our future plans to add European hair extensions. Desired Extensions is a very diverse company, so we want all ethnicities to feel beautiful wearing our hair. There will be an array of blonde colors to choose from as well as browns. Our slogan is “THE HAIR YOUR HEART DESIRES!” we want to fulfill your deepest desire providing you with the very best hair solution for protective styling, affordable extensions, boosting confidence, and the way that you feel wearing our hair.

Photo Credit: [Desired Extensions]. (N.D). Retrieved 3/20/2017 from
      EGL: You have a passion for women suffering from Alopecia. Tell us more about that and how you are able to help them.

Conwell: My first year of opening Desired Extensions, I met a little girl who was suffering from alopecia and didn’t want to attend school because of her hair loss. Her parents couldn’t afford a quality unit so we donated a custom unit, just for her. Once the little girl tried on her unit, the tears that streamed down her face touched my soul and I have never been the same since. We provide our clients with the hair pieces and units that meet their specific needs, we don’t just sell them random hair or wigs. There’s no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to hair extensions, which is why we specialize in custom made hair pieces. We want you to focus on living and not about your hair loss so we give a one year guarantee on all hair pieces.

Written by: Deidre Palode


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