There is an old saying that says, “Don’t bring sand to the beach,” but this summer it’s okay to bring all the sand you want to your home aka the beach. Who said that you have to enjoy the beach at the beach? You can have beach vibes in the comfort of your own home. Below I have listed some ways that you can create the perfect beach atmosphere.

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Wicker chairs are perfect for your dining table this summer. Put away your designer chairs and add these wicker chairs for the perfect beach style dining set. Now if you decide that adding new chairs is too costly, then add a wicker rug.

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Ocean Blues in your decor is the perfect pop of color to create a beach vibe home. You can add a couple pillows or vases to your decor to bring out your furniture. Change out your curtains or whatever you desire.

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This summer give your guest something to brag about with this beach inspired guest room. This look can accomplished by changing your your linen and adding some wicker benches to the front of the beds.Change the color of your walls to this beautiful ocean blue color and create the perfect ambiance you will need this summer. There’s no need to go get hot and sweaty in the sun this summer enjoy the beach in the comfort of your own home.

Written by Johnakeshia, Modern Domestic, Staff writer




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