Your partner has a great personality; Your partner is fun and makes you feel amazing; Your partner is goal oriented, family oriented, and ALMOST an all-around great catch. Your partner also happens to be terrible in the bedroom. Is this a recipe for a doomed relationship?

It’s extremely hard to be happy and stay faithful when you’re having bad sex with an otherwise good partner. Even harder is trying to fix it. We’d all love to be able to sit our partner down with a bullet point list of how they can improve their half of your sexual relationship; truth is, telling almost anyone that their sex game is wack is a blow to the ego. Having a good sexual relationship and being able to discuss it openly are as important as having trust and good communication in a relationship. Being unfulfilled in any aspect of your relationship will eventually lead to frustration.

“Bad sex is a deal breaker if sex is important to you. Anybody with a hyper sex drive should never date anyone with bad sex. It’ll only end bad.” -Marcus, 31

“For me, I feel intimacy is not always established on the first or even second physical encounter, so I would try a few times but if the intimate part never comes together, then yes, it’s a relationship deal breaker for me. For now, at least! Maybe my disposition will change as I get older.” -Nisha, 38

“Are we talking too small a tool or he’s not an attentive lover? There are a bunch of ways sex can be bad. Whichever way that is, I think it’s a deal breaker if my partner isn’t willing to try and fix it. Now if it can’t be fixed, might be the end of that.” -Kiyyah, 25

The verdict is in. Bad sex is a deal breaker IF your partner isn’t open to some constructive criticism and willing to work towards improving your sex life.

Written By: Ayana Conry

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  1. What if the sex is great and hes is also big too but I always have to try harder to have orgasm or think of some scene. Is that weird? Is that normal?

    • It’s not weird. I too have to have porn on or concentrate really hard to have an orgasm….except with that 1 person that my body just use to respond to so effortlessly.

  2. Yes. Bad sex is a deal breaker. Cheating is bound to happen…… unless that person takes care of every other necessity and is not opposed to toys in the bedroom.


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