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February 14th is the day of love! Valentine’s day is the day that couples look forward to and the day that singles wish would never come. It’s a day dedicated to romance and love…but it seems there’s more emphasis on just the romance which is why singles get so frustrated on this day. Society focuses so much on romantic dates, trips, and Valentine’s day gifts but the gag is, Valentine’s is about love. Just love, period. Not just “couples love”, but love in all its forms. The Ancient Greeks found that love can be found in six different forms and can take place in all types of relationships, whether its with family, friends or even themselves. So when there’s a holiday that’s centered around love, why should we hate it when we can celebrate it? We can take the Greek’s advice and use these four types of love to celebrate Valentine’s day, even though we’re single.

  1. Philia (deep friendship) – In ancient Greece this form of love was about showing loyalty to friends as well as sharing your emotions with them. Celebrate Philia love for Valentine’s Day by having a sleepover with your girls and put the phones AWAY. Actually communicate, play some drinking games, and let each other know how important your friendship is. Liquor and positive emotions is always a fun combo for us women (no one is friendlier than drunk girls in the washroom, right?).
  2. Ludus (playful love) – Greeks base this form of love on the affection between children or “young lovers”. It’s innocent yet intimate moments, consisting of laughter like we experience when we’re drunk at a party with friends, or when we dance at the club with strangers. So to celebrate Ludus, grab a group of friends and go dancing! Reggae clubs are the best because it’s loads of dancing and it’s super intimate. Dutty whine and grind the night away!
  3. Agape (love for everyone) – This Greek love refers to selfless love and empathy; it’s the love of all mankind. A spiritual type of love, a love for family members, even a love for strangers. Agape can be celebrated in many ways: giving to the homeless, donating to a shelter or charity, volunteering at a animal shelter, taking your family out to dinner, or even sending special I love you texts to your contact list. Be sure to make the day about someone else and not yourself, that’s truly being selfless.
  4. Philautia (love of self) – Simply, this Greek love refers to self-love. How you feel about yourself will reflect in how you feel about others, so take use this Valentine’s day to show love to yourself. Celebrate Philautia by getting a massage, get your nails and toes did (not done, DID!), go see a show by yourself, or get some retail therapy a.k.a. shopping! Anything that you enjoy and that gives you that much needed alone time.

Ancient Greeks had the idea that we should spend more time focusing on receiving and giving love in its entirety, not just “couples love” or “romantic love” that single people long for the most. From this day forth when we think of Valentine’s day, even when we’re single, we don’t think hate, we think love.  Because love is for everyone and that’s what Valentine’s day is all about. Just love. Period.

Written By: Kahina Ray

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