ayesha curry [photograph] retrieved 04-18-16 via http://www.bet.com/news/sports/2016/04/18/ayesha-curry-s-lemon-buttery-chicken-recipe-is-getting-dragged-o.html
Photo Credit: Omar Vega / Invision / Associated Press
Photo Credit: Omar Vega / Invision / Associated Press

NBA star Steph Curry fouled out in Game 6 vs the Cleveland Cavaliers, in which Curry and his Warriors lost the game with a score of 115-101. The public is saying that Steph in fact did not foul out, and that the game was rigged in favor of LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. The foul calls were so bizarre to Steph that he was ejected from the game after throwing his mouthpiece in frustration.

Steph’s beautiful wife Ayesha Curry took to twitter to defend her husband after his foul trouble.


She later deleted the tweet. Surprisingly, that’s not all Ayesha had to say about her experience at Game 6. She also took to twitter to say that her father was racially profiled by police before entering the game and was almost arrested.

And if all that wasn’t bad enough, 10 minutes before game time, Ayesha said that the families were not allowed to get off the bus.

Ayesha later apologized for her twitter rant, saying that she had a long day.First, she was stuck on the bus, then her dad was racially profiled and to top it off, her husband was ejected from the game.

Nevertheless, Ayesha’s apology didn’t do enough damage control. She went from #wifegoals to being ridiculed on twitter.

When asked if Ayesha’s tweet was a distraction, Steph said no and mentioned that he and his wife had a private conversation about it.

It’s between me and Ayesha, the conversation about what happened, that’s going to be handled,” Steph Curry said. “But other than that, that doesn’t take any spotlight off of what my job is on the floor and what these next 48 minutes are going to be like in Game 7.”

He then joked, “I might have to cut the Wi-Fi off at my house.

We’re still #TeamAyesha over here. Sometimes our emotions get the best of us, but you can’t fault a wife for riding for her man!

In the end, the Cleveland Cavaliers took the win last night in Game 7 with a score of 93-89, making it the first championship win for Cleveland in over 50 years.

Congrats to all the players and WAGS! It was an exciting and emotional playoffs!

Written By: Rahkiya Brown and Ericka Smith 


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