As if our favorite modern domestic woman doesn’t have enough under her belt; our girl is adding cookware and kitchenware designer to her list. 

Ayesha announced at the beginning of 2017 that she would be releasing a cookware and kitchenware collection this fall and ladies … we are just days away. With gorgeous colors including Brown Sugar, Twilight Teal, and many more, we’re sure Curry has a style that’s perfect for your home.

Curry shared the news on Instagram that the official release date is October 2, and will be available at your local Target. Curry’s first-ever collection will include bakeware, stoneware, pantryware, cutlery and tools. Everything perfect for the Modern Domestic woman.

We aren’t surprised about this new venture, and we are excited to say the least! Curry has her hands all-up-in the foodie business with a cook book, The Seasoned Life, and restaurant International Smoke. Let’s see what she gets her hands into next!

Congrats Ayesha! We’re positive your cookware will be in every woman’s home this fall!

Written By: Triena Deniese, Managing Editor


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