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Twenty-two thousand country music fans gathered Sunday night to enjoy a music concert on the Las Vegas strip, opposite the Mandalay Bay Resort. No one anticipated his or her night ending in what has been labeled as the “Deadliest Mass Shooting in US History.” More than 50 people were killed and at least 400 injured. The death toll has been slowly increasing as times goes on.  Many people were killed by direct gunshots while others were injured by the stampede that occurred after shots rang out. Graphic videos and images have been released of the aftermath of this domestic terrorist attack. President Donald Trump described this senseless act of violence as “an act of pure evil.”

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Stephen Paddock, 64,  broke two windows in his hotel room on the 32rd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and began firing hundreds of rounds at concert attendees around 10:08pm on Sunday Night.  More than 10 rifles were found in his room, including hundreds of magazines of bullets and military rifles used by trained snipers. Sources say Paddock killed himself just as officers were entering his room. Police said they have also located Marilou Danely, a woman who is believed to be living with Paddock.  At this moment, authorities are unsure of the motive for the shooting or if anyone else was involved.

Stephen Paddock [Photographed]. Photo Credit: Twitter
Paddock’s brother, Eric Paddock, spoke to CNN and said his brother didn’t suffer from mental illness and had no religious affiliation that would lead him to do something like this. He said he was a “normal guy.”  When asked how he felt he responded, “He was my brother and it’s like an asteroid fell out of the sky.” He sent his condolences to all of the victims and was in complete shock over his brother’s horrific actions. Authorities are searching for answers, while the country continues to band together and pray for the victims and their families involved in this deadly shooting.

Portraits of the victims can be found here. Please keep their families and friends in your thoughts.

Written By: Danielle Pearman @DannieOnAir


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