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After spending most of 2016 away from the public’s eye, August Alsina has wasted no time in 2017 dropping music left and right! Just a little over a week since he dropped the official video for his song “Drugs,”  August Alsina is back with his latest single “Wait.”  Alsina’s new song paints the picture of a man who is in love with a woman and while he doesn’t want her to wait, he knows that he still has more work to do in his own life before he can be exactly what she needs.

Assuring his love interest that she doesn’t have to wait but hopes that she will, he says that he won’t stop her from leaving if that’s what she chooses to do. In what feels more like a snippet and less like a full song, August manages to touch on a situation that happens far too often — perfect chemistry, bad timing. With just one listen, by the end of this song I think we can all agree on one thing:  It ended way too soon.

The Drugs album is August Alsina’s third album following his 2015 sophomore release This Thing Called Life and his 2014 debut album Testimony.

“I know this may not be my place

But I got something I should say to you

Sometimes I’m in a different space

But that don’t change the way I feel for you, I do

This may not be the best time

I got a lot going inside my mind

Don’t think for a minute that I’m a fool

Don’t know what I’ll do if I lose you…”

Written By:  @AllMoniqueDee


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