Amarii Davu is an artist with a meaningful message and trust,  we don’t say that in regards to just about anyone. He portrays this in his video “The Cost Of Melanin;” a song mixed with some street talk; an overall solid piece of work.

Showing off the everyday actions for a rapper of going to the store and smoking with friends, minus the studio. Which is a visually appealing vibe for the younger generations because it represents doing as one wants rather than what one’s told.

The song’s artwork and topic resonates with an emotion that many people may appreciate at this times of recklessness from officers of the law. Amarii Davu is giving you that Neo-Soul feel with a sound similar to a Kendrick Lamar, along with a beat and vocal of Doja Cat’s hit “No Police.”

Amarii can simply be described as an upcoming rapper with good intent embarking upon the rap scene showcasing full expression with raw content.

Amarii  has gathered a substantial amount of feedback for his works on Soundcloud as well as Twitter. With the positivity from his following it seems as if they’ll support will take him straight to the top.

Davu’s work can be found on SoundCloud  at soundcloud.com/amariidavu615 and Twitter @AmariiDavu.

Written by:  Regan Farley



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