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Wake up, check. At work, post. At school, tweet. Drive home, kik. Lay down, snapchat. Nope, this is not the remix to Kendrick Lamar’s “Swimming Pools”, but unfortunately for some this is a disturbing reality.

The intrigue of social media possesses many qualities that attract addicts to their vices. Do you know someone or perhaps it’s yourself constantly checking for the latest post or tweet? Are you constantly refreshing for fear of missing a status update? The drive to do so has been associated with the same addictive traits that create dependencies and uncontrollable impulses. These traits have been seen in such vices as the ones alcoholics or substance abusers have. It can affect relationships with friends and family. Seriously, how many times have you seen a dinner table full of people staring at a phone screen! Are you guilty of this too?

To like or not to like A lil’ ol’ like can cause uproar and be a major issue in your personal life if you let it. It can also test your emotions and self-confidence. If your significant other “likes” a picture that you don’t particularly approve of, or makes a comment about a post that you don’t agree with and it starts a problem in your situation, this is a problem! When social media becomes a factor in the stability of your relationship, it’s clear that it has captured too much control over you.

Lost ones There are those so absorbed in social media that most of their everyday lives are in some involved with it. Whether it be posting every day, several times a day, or obsessively lurking to see what others are doing, they’re so lost that they become fixated on others while letting themselves go. Or, even worse, feeling distaste for themselves because of constantly comparing themselves to others.

Bottom line  Live your own reality and let social media be for entertainment purposes only..

Written by Tenesha Thomas

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