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Raise your hands if you’ve heard a friend, family member or co-worker complain about their wife nagging them. Exactly! I’m sure all hands went up. Marriage is no walk in the park. Any married person will tell you that. It can be made harder by a woman’s attitude. Nagging displays a poor sense of communication. We get it, you have a lot to say and you feel your way may be a better way of handling things, but you have to give the man some credit!

What should you try instead?

Pick Your Battles

Every situation does not warrant a correction or confrontation. Small, insignificant circumstances like leaving a wet towel on the floor or leaving his beer glass in the living room is not worth causing a ruckus over. Save the fights for something that could actually matter, like lying about where he was last night. Realize that you both have a different set of priorities, but that does not mean that he’s not listening. It could be a simple oversight.

Walk Away

Sometimes, putting space and distance between you and your hubs can help you cool down. In doing so, you may be able to see things from his point of view or realize that it’s just not worth the fight at all. Disengaging emotionally will help you reevaluate the situation and handle it at another time.

Look in the Mirror … Check Yourself

Maybe…just maybe, he’s not taking what you have to say to heart because of your approach. If you are constantly pointing out what he’s doing wrong expecting him to listen to you when you never take heed to his constructive criticism, it will cause your words to fall upon deaf ears. The same can be said if you criticize every…single…thing…he does. He’ll just stop listening all together.

Work Together

After you have calmed down, sit down to discuss real issues. Let him know what is concerning you while opening the floor for him to do the same. Make sure you listen with your heart, instead of listening to come up with a response.

Spend more time loving on Bae than nagging Bae. No one wants to be around that kind of woman.

Written By: Carla DuPont Huger

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