Raf Simons’ decision to depart from Christian Dior and become the new creative officer for Calvin Klein has certainly stirred up some mixed emotions. This controversial topic has many fashion critics voicing their opinions or concerns regarding the direction the brand will be going in; regardless of his experience, some people have questioned whether he will have success in leading Calvin Klein. Others have shown acknowledgment of his work ethic while working as creative director for Jil Sander and Christian Dior.

The concerned critic has doubts on whether he will be able to adapt to the type of fashion system CK has established under the leadership of Fransico Costa, who is responsible for womenswear design and menswear’s own Italo Zucchelli. After putting 13 hardworking years into being the creative minds behind the brand, some critics have been comparing Simons’ time spent at Dior. Time, effort, reliability and adaptation to the changes in time whether it be technology and sense of fashion are some of the key factors of what is expected from a designer who makes their mark in the fashion industry. Compared to Karl Lagerfeld who has devoted 32+ years to Chanel, the 3 years he spent at Dior has led some to believe he is considered an “overworked designer.”  In addition to that, he doesn’t see much longevity in the fashion system. Social media has made it very simple for fashion trends and updates to be spread around the globe quickly and efficiently. However, since Simons is not totally down for this idea there are those who think he won’t be able to connect with the youth. His reasoning is that fashion involves more than a couple likes or views, it should be cherished and genuinely appreciated. The conflict within this is that Calvin Klein has been built on appealing and “affecting” people of any age but primarily youth. It is considered a sex icon in the fashion industry and a lot of their campaigns can be viewed on the Instagram profile.


On the contrary, supporters think that he will provide a different vibe for NY style. Designers will no longer have to be forced to go to Paris for the new must have designs because Paris will be brought to New York. New York will have first dibs on getting to see what hits the run way. The cause for excitement about this change in creative office is Simons’ past accomplishments and the hard work he put into his shows. Vogue has labeled him as “a designer’s designer.” He has definitely proved that the shoe fits being that some of the top designers, such as Ricardo Tisci who has served 10 years in designing for Givenchy, attended his 2012 couture debut for Dior.

Haute Couture 2012 Christian Dior show August 6, 2016 http://www.furinsider.com/designer-shuffle-2016-a-change-creative-direction/
Haute Couture 2012 Christian Dior show
August 6, 2016

We loved this look and that choker…

August 6, 2016 https://www.pinterest.com/pin/4574037092453040/
August 6, 2016
Fall 2012 Haute Couture August 6, 2016 http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2013/07/11/dior-couture-all-the-pictures-from-raf-simons-collection-debut_n_7388780.html

With all the preparation in having to build and birth a show that exceeds expectations, Simons was able to pull off two within a 6-month time period. As a visionary, he has influenced and collaborated with brands. We will be waiting to check out his first debut for the Calvin Klein Fall 2017 season! Will you?

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Written by: Nishoba Snow


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