More women seem to be on board with having romantic relationships with other women, being sister-girlfriends and offering their man threesomes. But are we really coming into an age where women are more sexually open, or are we just trying to stay relevant in the era of bad b*tches, “Love and Hip Hop,” and a rough man-to-woman ratio? The answer is both.

Polyamory has become more prevalent on social media, internet series, and in conversation in general. Women have been more comfortable expressing their Nola Darling side. More than ever, woman have been given, or rather taken, a platform to admit that we too are sexual creatures and refuse to be ashamed of it or by it. While it’s great to see some of these double standards placed on women be thrown to the wind, it’s alarming to also see the lengths that some women are feeling forced to go to maintain their desirability.

Casts of popular reality shows are on TV weekly openly in relationships with multiple women. There are seven men to every woman in America and even Beyoncé’s man has admitted to cheating. If Beyoncé can’t keep a man faithful, who can?? No pressure, right?


It was summed up pretty simply by Instagram user @Amazingaura who shared this: “Women are definitely more open these days, but I don’t think these things are new. If anything, women are more comfortable being vocal about it. Some women are open to ethical non-monogamy or same sex relationships because it’s difficult to have a heterosexual monogamous relationship. There are also many women who do it to be performative. They’re not really about that life, but it’s trendy and they hope it will make them more appealing to men.”

We see it on TV, we hear it from our friends, we experience it ourselves. Divorce rates, drama, and cheating seem to be on the rise in the worst way. Perhaps though, it isn’t that these things are on the rise but that we now have more access to the information that makes us privy to these things. Phones and social media leave a cyber trail of mess everywhere they go. It seems like EVERYONE is cheating or getting cheated on. A lot of women are on a mad dash to figure out how to keep their man at home. So being OK (or pretending to be OK) with inviting another woman into the equation seems like a quick fix. On the other hand, the world wide web has given us all access to so many people and seeing like-minded people express things that at some point seemed like they should be kept under wraps gives us the green light to express ourselves knowing we’re not alone. So maybe that polyamorous love life you’ve been fantasizing about isn’t so unfathomable after all.

Times are changing. Relationships aren’t just black and white anymore. Sex isn’t taboo anymore. Just make sure whether you’re holding on to tradition or riding the new wave of open sexuality that you’re staying true to what YOU really want for yourself.

Written By: Ayana Conry



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