Sex toys can be a great tool in figuring out your likes and dislikes in the bedroom and then being able to communicate those things to a partner. Toys might also stop you from making bad decisions because, let’s be honest, sometimes reaching out to that ex is simply to get an itch scratched. But if you can scratch it yourself, bad decision averted. There are endless different types of toys for every desire!

Sex is about so much more than just the actual sex. Even with different positions and maybe even different locations, sex can get repetitive. Being open to bringing sex toys into the bedroom with your partner opens up a whole new world of opportunity. Those who are unfamiliar with sex toys can take baby steps. Blindfolds, handcuffs, vibrators and penis rings are all pretty intermediate. You can even use things you already have at home in the beginning, i.e. scarves as a blindfold or to tie your partner up. If you want to start or continue building your collection, there are toy stores with knowledgeable staff ready and willing to help you. If you’re more on the shy or private side, you can find plenty of online companies that have discreet packaging so your secret stays just that.

Men are sometimes put off by sex toys because they feel like if you need sex toys, it’s because they aren’t getting the job done. The issue is also that when most men think of sex toys, their mind automatically goes to big, bulging, veiny dildos and most men just aren’t OK with another penis being in the room, even if it is fake. If you’re interested in using toys with your partner but they’re hesitant to try, maybe introduce them by letting them watch you play with one alone then have them join in. They could hold the vibrator for you while you gently caress them or yourself with your free hands.

Some men are already aware of just how much hotter the bedroom can be with the addition of toys. @robmanuchi had this to say: “I think sex toys in the bedroom add that extra spice and fun to the atmosphere. It definitely prolongs the sex too. Everything isn’t about ‘bang bang bang.’ Have fun; enjoy each other’s body. Play with some sex dice, strap her down, use some feathers, or a little vibrating bullet. Only thing going inside my wife is me but toys, etc, I’m all for it.”

The beauty of the sex toy industry is how vast the world of sex toys can go and how much technology has grown in the sex toy world. Imagine being out with your partner for a sexy date night, you have a toy close to your lady parts and he can control it remotely whenever he wants to. Sexy, right?? Just imagine the sexual tension you can build before you even get home.

There is a toy out there for everyone. Whether you consider yourself vanilla or expert level BDSM, looking to relight a flame or keep one burning, or just trying to take your self-love to another level, there is something new and exciting that toys can bring to your lovemaking sessions!

Written By: Ayana Conry

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