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It’s no secret that many celebrities have had work done on their face to maintain a youthful appearance. Kylie Jenner set the tone when it was obvious that she got lip fillers to have fuller lips. While social media first made fun of the star’s drastic change by creating the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge, many people are now following her footsteps. What started off as just the over lining of lips now has led to many people getting the actually procedure of lip fillers and other facial features. YouTube gurus, NikkiTutorials and Nicole Guerriero publicly announced that they have both been injected. Receiving facial fillers which wasn’t as popular years before, have now become a trend in the beauty world.

Photo Credit: [Kylie Jenner]. (N.D)> Retrieved on May 7, 2016 from
Photo Credit: [Kylie Jenner]. (N.D)> Retrieved on May 7, 2016 from
What in the world are facial fillers?

If you have not jumped on the bandwagon here is a brief synopsis of what exactly is facial fillers. Cosmetic facial fillers, which plumps the skin and erases wrinkles, comes in two different types: natural or synthetic. Natural fillers have hyaluronic acid which plumps the skin. Brands like Restylane and Juvederm are popular natural fillers. Synthetic fillers have popular brands like Sculptura and Radiesse. Your dermatologist or plastic surgeon injects these fillers in areas of the face that need an extra plump like lips, your crows feet, and forehead lines. The fillers are only temporary so in order to ensure you are wrinkle free you have to go back from time to time. Now fillers are pricey, so for this to be considered trendy is out of pocket due to its cost. Fillers can range all the way from $600 all the way to over a $1000.

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Photo Credit: [Eye Fillers]. (N.D). Retrieved on May 7, 2016 from
Fillers Aren’t what They’re Cracked Up to Be

Like any cosmetic altering, fillers have side effects. Some side effects include bruising and bleeding. The FDA have warned consumers that if the fillers get injected into a blood vessel it can cause blindness, stroke, and patches of skin may disappear. In fact, the FDA also states that, “unintentional injection can block blood vessels and restrict blood supply to tissues.” Dr. Erin Gilbert, professor of dermatology at University of New York states that basically all dermal fillers can induce long lasting adverse effects. Another thing to keep in mind is finding a doctor that specializes in this procedure. If you are thinking about receiving fillers do not simply go to just anyone.

What started off as being something that was exclusive to celebrities has now become a makeup trend in a sense. If you are considering trying facial fillers it is extremely important to do a thorough research on the doctors and how it may personally affect your skin. Also remember that you are beautiful just the way you are and there are plenty of other methods to ensure you to have healthy and youthful skin which include living a healthy lifestyle and taking care of your skin.

Written By: Arianna Herriott


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