Many of us get to see our family year round while some of us only have that luxury a couple of times throughout the year. Unfortunately, when we get together with those we have not seen in what seems like so long, a stream of intrusive questions may start overflowing. It seems there’s always a select few people in every family who constantly asks a million questions about your private life, like:

“You still single?

“When are you gonna find a man?”

“No boyfriend this year?”

“You’re not ready to settle down yet?”

“When are we gonna get a kid out of you?”

Have you have experienced questions like these before? Granted, some of these questions are asked out of pure curiosity; you may never know the intentions behind some of your family’s questions. The best way to get through this frustrating interrogation is to simply respond with control while still being polite. Here are some quick and easy responses to a few of those annoying questions.

Question: “You still single?”

Response: “Still? Who says I’m single?”

The “single” questions are always a classic. They have the ability to make some uncomfortable. While there’s so many ways these questions can be answered, this response can shorten the conversation. It gives off the impression that there may possibly be someone special in you life, but no one has met him yet. And you can finish it off with a smile a smooth walk away.

Question: “When are you gonna find a man?”

Response: “Why not the other way around?” or “He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord.” Proverbs 18:22.”

Responses like these are never expected. A little sprinkle of biblical wisdom and a dash of sarcasm will shut anymore questions following that down.

Question: “No boyfriend this year?”

Response: “He’ll be at the next occasion.”

Responding with something so simple, yet straight to the point… is the point. Without explaining why he isn’t around, this lets them know your significant other will be around for the next family function.

Question: “You’re not ready to settle down yet?”

Response: “I’d rather be selfish with myself right now. I have plenty of time to settle down.”

This shows that you’re enjoying life as is at the moment, that you want to continue doing so until you’re ready to move forward with that part of your life.

Question: “When are we gonna get a kid outta you?”

Response: “Who said I wanted kids?”

People really never realize that children are a huge responsibility and once a child comes into the picture, lives change forever. Both responses pretty much sum up the conversation in itself. You are not obligated to share your family planning with anyone!

Sometimes family doesn’t realize how uncomfortable and inappropriate it can be when they ask certain questions. It’s all up to you to respond with humor, politeness and maybe a little side-eye. But hey, it’s the holidays…spread some love and cheer!

Written By: Daion Stanford

Follow on IG: @LadyBossDai


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