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New year…new things in store for none other than DJ Khaled himself!

The 42-year-old mega-hit producer recently struck a deal as the new social media ambassador of Weight Watchers, and company shares have already soared more than 6% since the announcement was made Tuesday.

He has also revealed he’s lost 20 pounds since joining the program, and will work with a Weight Watchers coach and use its mobile app to keep track of his fitness goals:


The program has a point system instilled based on sugar, saturated fat, calories and protein to develop a healthier eating pattern.

This endorsement could potentially increase a younger audience for the weight loss brand, and reach a generation through the greatest channel today–via social media, of course.

The last major deal the company struck was with billionaire host Oprah Winfrey, and with that came an increase of the company’s shares by over 300%. (That’s when we heard her beloved “I love Bread!” declaration).

Congrats to DJ Khaled for yet another major key.

Written By: Kisha Forde


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