Photo Credit: Alyssa Schukar/AP Images
Photo Credit: Alyssa Schukar/AP Images
Photo Credit: Alyssa Schukar/AP Images

The popular phrase “behind every successful man is a great woman” fits perfectly when it comes to the mother/son relationship between NFL player Eli Apple and his mother Annie.This mother/son team has been making their own individual headlines; Eli, of course, being the 10th overall player picked in the NFL draft and will play cornerback for the NY Giants while his social media savvy mother has the internet bursting with laughter. The NFL is known for loving on its star players’ mommies, and it looks like Annie Apple is well on her way to attracting her own share of the spotlight.

This mom is not one to miss out on any of her children’s firsts, and in spite of her son being a NFL employee and a grown-ass man, she still chose to “take” him (they had a driver) to his first day of camp- training camp that is, and she shared it with the entire Twittersphere!


Apparently Mama Apple has a sense of humor. Her tweets have been tickling people’s funny bones and the media has been eating her up while her son, well, he’s just used to it by now.

Ms. Apple has also joined the ESPN family as a “Sunday Countdown” contributor and the network seems excited to have her.  Seth Markman, senior coordinating producer for ESPN’s NFL studio shows released a statement, saying “Annie caught our attention during the NFL Draft, and when we met her in-person at ESPN, we were blown away by her relatability, her sense of humor and just how unafraid she is to speak her mind.  Annie brings a very unique perspective as the mother of a current NFL player and as a fan, and we look forward to exploring a variety of different story ideas with her on Sunday NFL Countdown.”

Apple released a formal statement expressing her joy about her new gig but, of course, she had to let twitter know in her own comedic way.

Oh, and for those who question her qualifications…

Prepare to see much more of The Apple family as both mother and son take their gifted professions to the next level.

Written By: Melody Lanei


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