The Breakfast Club & Angela Bassett, Angela Yee’s Instagram via @angelayee, retrieved 2-24-16
Angela Bassett at the BAFTA Awards, Angela Bassett’s Instagram via @im.angelabassett, retrieved 2-24-16
Angela Bassett’s Instagram via @im.angelabassett, retrieved 2-24-16

“You are beautiful!” – Charlamagne Tha God

As the saying goes, “Black don’t crack!” And this definitely rings true with the classic beauty that is Angela Bassett. The 57-year-old icon has been in the game for over 20 years and is hot as ever with her countless movie and TV roles including FX’s “American Horror Story” where she’s played three different characters for the past three seasons.

The married mother of two stopped by Power 105’s ‘The Breakfast Club’ to promote her newest movie London Has Fallen, to talk about her experience working with Lady Gaga and what’s her secret to having longevity in Hollywood.

On How She’s Been Able to Stay Working in Hollywood:

“…Just show up ready and prepared. And I’m enthusiastic when I get there. And deliver, I think that’s the recipe for success in whatever arena you find yourself in. Be prepared, be professional and when given the shot…shoot!”

On if she studied VooDoo for her character Marie Laveau (AHS: Coven):

“No…Hell No! (laughs) That I left on the table! I don’t want to offend nobody but that I left on the table.”

On Working with Lady Gaga for AHS: Hotel:

“Wonderful…she says she started as an actress. That was her main goal but the Gaga took over…the songs. But you know…she’s multi-talented.”

Angela Bassett definitely spilled some knowledge in the interview and you cannot deny that she is a legend in Hollywood!  The actress also revealed that she is returning for season six of “American Horror Story” but doesn’t know all the details of her character or what the season will entail. In the meantime, you can catch Ms. Bassett in theaters with her new movie London Has Fallen next Friday.

Check out the full interview below:

Written By Jnelle Belle


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