Ameriie’s instagram via @ameriie, retrieved 5-19-16
Ameriie’s instagram via @ameriie, retrieved 5-19-16

Ameriie hasn’t been in the spotlight for years and we’ve all been wondering where she’s been since the release of her last album Love & War back in 2009. You read that right, Ameriie hasn’t released an album since 2009.

The “One Thing” singer made her way back to the spotlight sitting down with Angela Yee, Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Envy of The Breakfast Club to talk about her hiatus from music, new EP that’s dropping this month and that rumored Beyonce rivalry.

Ameriie, who is very private with her life opened up about her family life, speaking about her family background and how she dealt with being of Black and Korean descent.

She explained her background:

I’m black and Korean…My dad’s from Philadelphia. My mom is from South Korea. One side of my family has been here forever, built this country. The other part of me, my mom is from Korea, so I did deal with the immigrant experience.”

Even though Ameriie hasn’t released an album since 2009, the singer-author has released music here and there, with the latest being her single “Out Loud” that was dropped last year but with little fanfare. Ameriie explains her process of why it’s taken her so long to release any new music and what she’s been doing during that time.

I know I disappeared and people are like, ‘What happened?’ It’s because, I don’t really chase after fame. I don’t really love red carpets. Maybe it’s because of the OCD thing. They just give me a lot of anxiety…People ask me to do reality shows, but that’s not me.”


Ameriie also spoke about her forthcoming EP:

I have an EP [Drive] coming Friday, actually. I’m working on another one that I want to put out in July. I have an anthology coming out, a villain-themed anthology [Because You Love to Hate Me] with a lot of best-selling authors. I’ve been doing a lot of writing too. I love writing. That’s what I did when I was really, really young. I’m working on a sci-fi fantasy trilogy.”

While on Columbia Records, rumors surfaced that Ameriie and Beyonce’ seemed to be at odds with one another because allegedly Beyonce’ stole America’s style of music with her hit song “Crazy In Love” that was also produced by Rich Harrison. Does Ameriie feels as though Beyonce’ imitated her style?

I wouldn’t say that. A lot of people are gonna say different things, but artists, we’re all in dialogue with each other. No artist is an island. You can’t say, ‘I have no influences.’ Sometimes, people try to say ‘I have an influence, the 50-year-old ones from back in the day.’ But we’re all influenced by old and current music. We can’t get around it.”

Ameriie also talks about some her musical influences of today like Kanye West, Drake, Rihanna, and of course Beyonce’.

You can take a look at the full interview here:

Written By: Jnelle Belle



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