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For weeks, Alicia Keys has been teasing us with sneak peeks from the upcoming  release of her sixth studio album, Here. Now just days before the full album drops, Alicia Keys is adding icing on the cake with her latest stunt.

On Tuesday, Alicia Keys presented her short film entitled, The Gospel. Directed by A.V. Rockwell, the 23-minute short film is set on the streets of New York City. Repping her hometown to the fullest per usual, Alicia Keys broke down the meaning behind this film.

“[The film] really represents the New York that I grew up in, and the New York that I saw,” Keys explained at The Gospel premiere. She went on to say, “This is my New York. These buildings, these hallways, these conversations, they raised me. So much wisdom. So much pain.” 

In the short film, The Gospel, which originally made its debut at the Tribeca Film Festival back in April, never-before-heard tracks from Here, are embedded and play a huge part in how each story unfolds. All throughout the visual, Alicia Keys sends out different messages addressing the issue of police brutality in New York City.

And standing strong in her continuous movement for women empowerment, Keys also throws in subliminal love for black queens and serves up reminders on how they should be treated by men.

The anticipation for Alicia Keys’ new album is REAL! Thankfully, we don’t have much longer to wait! Alicia’s new album Here drops tomorrow and can be pre-ordered on iTunes.

Check out The Gospel below.

Written By: Monique Dee


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