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Today, the world sees R&B superstar Monica Brown as the ultimate, God-fearing family woman known to frequently switch up her hairstyles and shower nothing but affirmations and love to her family, friends and fans. Nineties babies and older, however, remember her introduction to the world as a teenager with an Atlanta swagger and a passion for performing that stemmed from her days of singing in church. With a record deal and a powerful, mature voice, her debut album, Miss Thang, was born. Twenty-two years later, during this month of November, we are thankful for the album that was home to the singles we still belt out today when we’re going through heartbreak or just having a very bad day.

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“Don’t Take It Personal” – On the album’s third track and debut single, a 14-year-old Monica expressed her love to her boo, making sure to explain that her need for a personal day was not a reflection of her feelings for him. While lyrics like “When I’m angry inside/Don’t want to take it out on you” and “As I swing back from mood to mood it’s not because of you,” insinuate the song is about that time of the month, the beauty of this record is that it can be applied to one’s feelings any other day as well.

“Like This and Like That” – In Monica’s “Like This and Like That” featuring Mr. Malik, the young crooner was way ahead of the game as she sang about what today’s generation would call “situationships.” After a few hookups with her potential boo, she expressed her desire to turn their situation to an actual relationship, leaving him with an ultimatum: make things official or watch her move on and walk out the door.

“Before You Walk Out My Life” – Nothing hurts more than knowing that what was once a great relationship will either come to an end or will no longer be the same because of your wrongdoing. On this single, Monica simultaneously showcased her vocal range while taking the time to clarify that her mistakes were unintentional and weren’t meant to bring pain to her man.

“Why I Love You So Much” – After releasing singles that depicted the loopholes of a relationship, Monica sang a different tune in this song. In a ballad that has since turned into a popular sing-along track, she detailed the reasons behind the immense love she has for her man.

Despite only peaking at No. 36 on the Billboard Hot 200, Miss Thang went to number seven on the Billboard’s Top R&B Albums and was later certified triple platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America. Her album, which provided us with timeless and relatable music, will always be considered 90s classic.

If you’d like to hear Monica perform some of the songs from Miss Thang, she’ll be headlining on “The Great Xscape Tour” along with Tamar Braxton, Zonnique, and Kelly Rowland’s proteges, June’s Diary. Tickets are now on sale and available on

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