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Sure, any artist can release singles that make you bob your head and sing along, but it takes a true artist to put out an entire body of work that really speaks to the soul. Our beloved Alicia Keys does just that. In December of 2009, Alicia Keys released her fourth studio album, The Element Of Freedom. Just like all of her first three projects, she delivered, and she blessed our ears with pure, raw vocals that only she can bring. You may remember the album’s lead single “Doesn’t Mean Anything,” however, the most notable song off the album would definitely have to be “Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart”. Keys managed to serve up amazing vocals while barely even raising her voice past a whisper. Between her sweet voice and the sounds of the drums in the background, Alicia had a sure recipe for an undeniable classic record to push her album.

“Unthinkable” which was remixed by Drake, and “Empire State of Mind Pt 2,” which is a broken down, more feminine version of the original “Empire State of Mind” with Jay-Z were also hits from this incredible album. Speaking of Jay-Z, his superstar wife Beyonce’ made a highly anticipated appearance on The Element of Freedom as well, with their duet “Put it in a Love Song.”

The Element of Freedom was not Alicia’s first amazing body of work. She has been killing the game with vocals since she entered the music scene back in 2001, and is still cranking out good music today, in 2017, while holding down other titles like mom and wife.

To refresh your memory on this album we’re thankful for, listen to the entire album below.

Written By: Rahkiya Brown


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