tupac and mother [photograph] retrieved 1-12-16 via http://www.bet.com/news/celebrities/2016/01/12/find-out-who-will-play-tupac-s-mother-in-upcoming-biopic.html
Photo Credit: Kevin Winter, Getty Images
Photo Credit: Kevin Winter, Getty Images

Tupac’s mother, Afeni Shakur, was married to a man named Gust Davis. The two recently split after a 12-year marriage. Now, Gust allegedly feels entitled to some of the Shakur estate.

He is demanding a portion of the money left behind by the late Tupac Shakur, and he is reportedly being very adamant about the amount with which he wants to walk away. Sources say that the couple went into the union without signing a prenup. Gust is asking for the right to live in their 50-acre North Carolina ranch, property, the keys to their houseboats and $10,000 a month, in which Afeni brings in from the estate. Gusts requests are about half of all of Tupac’s mother’s profits.

However, Afeni is not giving in to the orders. She has recently filed legal documents asking the judge to throw the case out. Keep in mind, this man is not Tupac’s father nor was he around when Tupac was alive. The divorce was filed in the state of North Carolina, where the judges are not required to split the assets 50/50. However, they do it on a case by case basis to make sure things are split up the right way. Afeni has been separated from Gust for a little over a year and is currently living on a houseboat in California.

Written By: Rahkiya Brown


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