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I stood on the other side of Lance’s door trying to wrap my head around what just happened. Deciding not to poke the bear, I put the faith of my destination into my black pumps and began walking.

Four blocks later I arrived at a bar called The Porch Swing. Disregarding my red and puffy eyes, I walked in desperate for a drink.

I sat at a corner bar stool and began with tequila. Wallowing deep in my sorrows, I barely noticed the annoyingly giddy couple who seemed to slowly be making their way towards me.

“Bartender,” said the man without removing his gaze from his wife, “a round of shots for my beautiful wife to my right and this beautiful woman to my left.”

Not thinking that I was the other woman, I continued to stare at my tequila until the bartender put a shot in front of me while pointing at the couple.

Before I could refuse it, his wife stood behind me, wrapped her arms around my shoulders and raised her shot into the air.

“To beautiful women everywhere who understand their value,” began the wife, “and to the men who pay Victoria’s Secret to keep it covered!”

[One Man Two Women] http://www.thedatingtruth.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/one-man-two-women.jpg
[One Man Two Women] http://www.thedatingtruth.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/one-man-two-women.jpg
After that shot I could no longer ignore my approaching double vision so I quickly thanked them and went to the bathroom in hopes of sobering up.

As I attempt to close the door of the single bathroom, in barges the woman from the bar. She looks me in my tear-stained face and immediately hugs me making me cry once again.

After I calmed down, her slow back rubs that once felt nurturing began making their way down to my butt and before I knew it, she was caressing my body and kissing my neck.

Feeling extremely vulnerable, I allowed her to keep going until I felt another set of lips kissing my exposed cleavage and a strong hand run up and down my body.

I made eye contact with the man from the bar and then with his wife and both responded with a smirk then continued discovering my body. I then realized that The Porch Swing was a swingers bar and I unknowingly became this couple’s Wednesday night snack.

Written By: Jamileth Hudson


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