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I don’t make friends easily so when I was approached by Lonely Woman #1 to grab a bite to eat, I was a bit uneasy. A quick glance around the empty waiting room reminded me that I was in fact Lonely Woman #2 so I tossed my invisible crown in the trash on our way out. I needed a drink anyways.

Her name was Nilah and she seemed well put together as we discussed our careers and lifestyles. Everything she said about herself suggested that she was a “great catch” for any man on the search for wifey material, so naturally I was suspicious.

 [Empty Glass] https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/32/e7/0b/32e70b05f2b3720621449379873e70f1.jpg
[Empty Glass] https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/32/e7/0b/32e70b05f2b3720621449379873e70f1.jpg

“I’m not one for small talk when there’s an elephant in the middle of the room staring us both in the eyes.” I began, “so what’s the deal with your relationship and why did he stand you up today?”

Nilah took a sip of her drink then began telling me of Maleek’s trifling ways. She was vague in her explanations but trigger words such as trust issues and unreliable sounded all too familiar as she dove deeper into his personality type.

Three glasses of wine and a shot of tequila later, the two of us were giggling while playing a game of ‘Who’s Had the Worst Luck With Men.’

“I know I complain a lot about Maleek” said Nilah, “although he’s always making bad decisions that he has to apologize for later, I really do love him and his stupid baby talk.”

“Ew, gross! I used to date a guy who thought that baby talk could help get him what he wanted,” I exclaimed. “It didn’t matter whether he was asking me to make him a sandwich or to give him head!”

We laughed until our lunch menus became dinner menus then we scheduled lunch for the following week. As I headed home I began Nilah’s mandatory background check by first scrolling through her Instagram and there as her last “Man Crush Monday” was ‘Mr. Baby Talk’ himself.

Nilah’s Maleek was once my Maleek…

By: Jamileth Hudson


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