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About Us

The Everything Girls Love Blog (EGL) is about celebrating womanhood by providing tools to help find a healthy balance in life. It is common belief that women must choose between their careers and families, often sacrificing one for the other. The EGL woman challenges this theory. Here at Everything Girls Love,we are committed to proving that it is possible to be Oprah and Suzie homemaker at the same time, while being successful at both.

This blog is the perfect example of this theory coming to fruition. The team consists of a diverse group of women from all walks of life coming together for a common goal. Being a superwoman may be unrealistic, but being the best “you” you can be is absolutely achievable. Everything Girls Love is a movement where women claim their blessings, take control of their destinies, and create their own tomorrows.

So come on in, sit back and relax, You’re Home.


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