ABC's "Uncle Buck" (Photograph). Retrieved 6-17-16 from
ABC’s “Uncle Buck” (Photograph). Retrieved 6-17-16 from

ABC’s “Uncle Buck” fared well in a very competitive time slot, debuting some of the best ratings for the network in quite some time.

The new sitcom starring Mike Epps and Nia Long aired in front of an audience of 52,000 viewers and delivered a 1.5 rating; the network’s best ratings since over a year ago in December 2014. The show also allowed the network to witness an all high time in demographic numbers, a rating unheard of within the last eight months. In addition to the impressive ratings made within ABC, “Uncle Buck” managed to make history on a more general level, becoming the most successful summertime comedy premiere on broadcast television in the last seven years.

“Uncle Buck” is a television adaptation of the 1989 film of the same name. The story follows an unemployed, homeless, and less than responsible Uncle Buck desperate to make ends meet,  who then attempts to take on the role of the former nanny who watched over his nieces and nephews.

Though the Will Packer produced television show has garnered the support of celebrities including T.I. and Ice Cube, reviews haven’t been the greatest.

“Uncle Buck offers a relative minimum of offensiveness, very few laughs, only hints at Epps’ actual capabilities and runs a decent cast through stories you’ve seen done better on countless sitcoms,” read an excerpt from Hollywood Reporter review.

In reference to the show, Variety described it as being “bland; low-impact, lightweight, and nothing to write (or tweet) home about.”

Airing on the same network as the highly acclaimed “Black Ish” isn’t necessarily the easiest as comparisons are bound to be made, but only time will tell whether “Uncle Buck” will be able to maintain its current following.

Guess we will have to wait and see.

Written By: Sweenie Saint-Vil


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