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With Thanksgiving behind us and the holiday season in full swing, we know that everyone is in the shopping and giving mode. We don’t have to wait until Christmas Day to express love and show kindness to those around us. Today is Giving Tuesday. Here are some ideas that you can utilize to share with others today.


Buy Someone A Coffee

Going to the coffee shop in the morning is as natural as breathing. When at your favorite barista, either pick up an extra one for a coworker or pay for someone who is behind you. It’s not a grand gesture, but a gesture indeed and a small act that is doable.


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Donate To A Local Charity

Sometimes it’s easier to give to large appeals because of their popularity and visibility. But there are lots of small charities that often go unnoticed. Instead of looking to nationwide campaigns, take the time to research what’s going on in your own home town or city. Your neighbors will thank you for it.


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This is the time of the year where volunteers are needed in abundance. When you have no resources to give, your time and energy is just as good, if not better. Remember team work makes the dream work.


Visit The elderly

Many times, our elders are put in retirement homes and forgotten about. It may not be intentional, but with our everyday busyness, sometimes they can be overlooked. Even if you do not have a relative in elder care, popping in to see someone else’s will most certainly brighten their day.

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Give Anonymously

Many of us have been in situations where our ends have not met. Struggling to pay all of the bills on time can be far-reaching. Wouldn’t it have been nice to go in to pay a bill and it already been paid? If you can, pay it forward and give in an unexpected and quiet way.


Hold The door

While this might seem like it will not matter, to some it’s all they need. Holding the door and greeting the next person might just be the one thing that puts a smile on their face. Gestures no matter how big or small may go a long way.


You never know what the next person is going through. While the Holidays are joyous for most, some may not be experiencing the joy you feel. Many have perfected disguising stress and pain and the smallest of things from others may be just what is needed. Never take for granted the impact of anything that you do. You never know how it might positively affect another person. Carry over this spirit throughout the season, not just today, and watch how you can change someone’s day.


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Written by: Joyanne Lawrence, Staff Writer, Modern Domestic


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