Brandy Russell. @coacoasoul

With so many different skincare brands and products to choose from with long, chemical ingredient lists (that no one can even pronounce), it can be challenging to find the right skincare regimen for you. The gag is, the best products could be right in your pantry or refrigerator.

Check out our soulful EGL beauty, Brandy (@coacoasoul), as she shows us a few skincare hacks right from the grocery store. Using natural products like honey and apple cider vinegar, your skin will be glowing effortlessly (for a fraction of the cost) in no time!

Keep us in the loop and let us know how this skincare regimen works for you by tagging us @Everythinggl. Any other natural products you’d like to see? Comment us below!

Writer: Brandy Russell

IG: @coacoasoul


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