Junior Hill, CEO of Taylor Made To Fitness, believes that working out with your partner not only promotes a healthy lifestyle but also heightens the desire for sex! Who said that lifting, bending and pumping has to end in the gym? Check out our interview with the personal trainer and certified nutrition expert below.


EGL: Why is it essential for a couple to workout together?

JH: One thing I’ve learned is that men get off when they workout with their lady. Working out with their woman is their opportunity to exercise their dominance. It’s their time to shine and puff out their chest. And if they feel insecure; working out together diminishes all of that. What woman doesn’t want a strong man? 

EGL:  Can working out together transform how a woman feels about her man?

JH: Yes. It most definitely can! There are three things I believe you need in life: 1.) A spiritual side; 2.) A career; 3) Something that makes you smile. A female seeing a man step up is a turn- on. Letting a man take the role of the leader while showing strength and stamina arouses a woman. And that’s guaranteed to make her smile. Add the first two things and he’s the full package.

EGL: What would you say arouses a man when watching his woman workout?

JH: I’m glad you asked that question. Men love to watch women do any adduction or abduction exercises. Any exercise that mimics a sexual position is going to drive a man wild. Thrusting of the hips, bridges, squats, etc. And this may seem a little graphic but I have to keep it real. If her exercise attire displays her camel toe, oh Lord, it’s on!

Photo courtesy of Junior Hill

EGL: What would you recommend in terms of keeping up a routine schedule?

JH: Try to get a workout regimen together. It’s important for men to be sure that his woman’s workout goals aren’t the same as his. You can’t overwork her and under no circumstances should she be doing the same exercises as you. As men, we have our own body goals and desires we’d like to see flourish from hard work in the gym. Let it remain ours.

EGL: Should men point out certain areas on his woman’s body that needs some tightening up?

JH: I think it’s best to ask her what areas she’d like to target. Then you can find out her weaknesses and make suggestions or just try to help her out without really saying much. Some women don’t take suggestions from their man too well especially when it comes to their body!

EGL: How can a man make suggestions to a woman who may be over sensitive or insecure?

JH: I go by the motto, “If you feel it say it.” Don’t hold back. Regardless of what it is. You’re obviously not going to come out and say, “Babe you need to get rid of those love handles or babe your thighs are starting to rub.” You have to be tactful.

EGL: If you feel it, say it? So if you’re feeling turned on by the workout is it appropriate to let your spouse know?

Photo courtesy of Junior Hill

JH: Hell yeah! If those squats she’s doing has you on the brink of busting out your gym shorts, there isn’t anything wrong with sneaking away to play! Take a quick 10-15 min break, slide off to the restroom or car and do the damn thing! Those are the type of things that keep the relationship alive, spontaneous and make the workout fun. You two will come back in the gym giggling and giddy because ya’ll just got finished doing something kinky and freakishly forbidden.

EGL: People speak on aphrodisiacs and exotic foods like oysters, sushi, chocolate, etc to get you in the mood. Are there any healthy alternatives to those foods?

JH: There’s an alternative to everything. Old school food never loses it’s capability of driving your lover wild. Strawberries or any type of fruit for that matter is a great way to go. And once in a while it’s ok to slide your lady some chocolate but be sure to let her know that you’re taking her to the gym to work that fattening food off. The main goal is to always make your lady feel wanted and desired. And there’s nothing wrong with stepping out of the healthy food regimen every once in a while; that’s what makes things exciting.

EGL: What would you say to couples who are reluctant about changing their lifestyle in terms of health and working out?

JH: Get off the couch and do something with your life. Either your money is going to go to fitness or it’s going to go to your doctor, you make the decision. And always love your spouse, help them work on their weaknesses and make them feel like your most prized possession!

For more information on healthy living, workout tips and tricks you can follow Junior Hill on Instagram, @taylormade2fitness, and for more cool videos check out his YouTube channel, Taylormade2fitness.




Written By: Tahanee

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