[Untitled photo Noel Braham with the Side Chicks poster]. Retrieved October 10, 2016, from his Facebook page

EGL recently had the opportunity to sit down with Noel Braham, who is currently based in LA working as an actor and independent filmmaker. Originally from Miami, Braham was raised in Atlanta. He went to college at Georgia State University and eventually migrated to the West Coast to pursue his true passion of cinema and film. Continue reading below for Noel’s male perspective about love, life, and success.

EGL: Tell me a little about yourself and what you’ve accomplished this far?

Noel Braham:  Thus far, I’ve been nominated for 7 awards at the LA Web Fest; one for best writing. My other nominations included: best comedic series, best actor and actress, best editing, and best supporting actor. We won 4 out of 7 nominations. Additionally, I’ll be traveling to Italy where I’ll be receiving an international honor. My accomplishments prove that if you take an opportunity to focus, concentrate, and invest in you then you can truly do anything. I think many people fail because they aren’t as disciplined and focused as they should be. Those who are able to tap into the supernatural power that God has given all of us are able to pull out the ability to conquer, no matter what industry they’re in.

EGL: In The Side Chick, you not only act in both but you direct and write too. How difficult is it to juggle all three and which do you enjoy most?

Noel Braham: I love acting! I think it’s my heart and passion, but it is tough to juggle all three because you have to wear so many different hats. The key to my success has been working with people who are committed to the cause and projects.

[Untitled photo of Noel Braham on the red carpet for the Golden Globes]. Retrieved October 10, 2016, from his Facebook page.
[Untitled photo of Noel Braham on the red carpet for the Golden Globes]. Retrieved October 10, 2016, from his Facebook page.
EGL: In your TV series The Side Chick, the concept is about following a relationship where the roles are reversed and the love is repositioned. How do you feel about role reversal in relationships and repositioning love?

Noel Braham: It’s 2016. I think everyone should follow what works best for the situation they’re in. Just because things have been done a certain way in the past, doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be done that way now; which is why you see the stay at home dads and working moms, and that’s completely fine. What many relationships lack is respect and that’s what I believe is most important.

EGL: Why did you think it was important to cover a topic such as “side chicks” and put a comedic twist on it?

Noel Braham: I believe it’s something that we need to start thinking about as a society. We may joke about it because it’s human nature. Sometimes it’s organic and just sort of happens but it speaks of our selfishness and lack of consideration for both men and women. When you’re dating someone and they love you or have feelings for you, you’re responsible for that person in some regard! I want people to laugh and enjoy it, but I also want everyone to think about their own lives and to hold themselves accountable.

EGL: In the series, “ignorant love” is mentioned and hash tagged at the bottom of the screen. What is your definition of ignorant love?

Noel Braham: [Ignorant love is] being blinded to the truth. As beautiful as love is, there’s another face to it. We get into situations that position us to be manipulated and controlled. [When you’re in love you have to] ask yourself if you really love them, and if so, what is it that you love about them? It’s a reminder to just open your eyes because most of the time the answers are clear, we just decide to ignore the signs.

EGL: Do you believe ignorance is bliss when it comes to love?

Noel Braham: Yes, but only for so long.

EGL: You cover various topics regarding love such as trust, sex, sugar daddies, and karma. Is your inspiration from personal experiences or do you find inspiration in other ways?

Noel Braham: Some of it is personal, in terms of people I’ve met. The character Gloria in The Side Chick is based on someone real. She opened my eyes to what happens when a woman behaves in ways that a man typically would.

EGL: What other topics would you like to cover in your future work?

Noel Braham: Police brutality, black identity, and relationships in a household. But I’m also passionate about telling the African American story in a medium where you don’t see us much. So I want to combine black history in the science fiction world.


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