Retrieved via Instagram @badgalriri on 2-19-16
Retrieved via Instagram @badgalriri on 2-19-16

From her music lyrics to dance moves, to even deeming herself as “a good girl gone bad,” Rihanna is hands down everyone’s favorite Bad Gal. Since this Island baddie is celebrating her birthday tomorrow, February 20th, we’re honoring her and sharing 8 moments where she influenced us to get into our possible “bad” side:

Social Media’s “Mean Girl”


If you’re looking for someone to speak their mind no matter the platform, Rihanna is definitely your gal. She’s had her fair share of social media run-ins with fellow singers, media icons, and even Chris Brown’s ex girlfriend Karrueche. Besides that list, who could also forget about her Twitter battle with singer Ciara? Cici was on Fashion Police with Joan Rivers in 2011 when she said, “Rihanna used to be so nice. I ran into her at a party and she wasn’t the nicest.” Take a look to refresh your memory on how that panned out:


Carnival Outfits

Rihanna Carniva-1

When it comes to carnival costumes, Rihanna does three things: SHUT. IT. DOWN. Her costumes are always risky, sexy, and classy all at the same time. Dressed flawlessly in feathers, beads, and jewels, not only does she make us want to be a bad gal, she makes us put her as #BAWDYGOALS!

Dating Life


It seems that Rihanna dates none other than the hottest in the game, no matter what league they’re in (no pun intended). Early in her career, she and fellow teen entertainer, Chris Brown, made a very strong love connection that didn’t end pleasantly. Her next celebrity rendezvous was with major league baseball player Matt Kemp, but busy schedules caused those two to split. And of course, we know of The 6 God and King of Toronto, also known as Drake! Although it was never officially confirmed that the two were an item, they looked rather cute together during that speculation. Now, her latest rumored boo is rapper Travis Scott. Hey Riri, I know it’s your birthday and all but can you share some of the eye candy? Please?

Reuniting with Chris Brown


Rihanna let the world know that she’s going to do what made her happy, despite the opinions of others, when she reunited with her ex Chris, after the domestic violence break up. The two rekindled their flame when he was featured on her “Cake” remix. The flame died down after a short period of time but the two are reportedly still very cordial.

Beauty Queen

Rihanna Pink Hair

Being the amazingly gorgeous girl that she is, Rihanna has graced the covers of magazines from all around the world. The Bajan star is known for spontaneously changing her hairstyle from one risky do to the next. No matter if its long, short, a shade of red, or pink, she slays it!

Fashion Icon


Rihanna has received tons of both good and bad media attention for the way she dresses. One of her most risky pieces was the see thru dress she wore to the CFDA 2014 award show, where she won the Style Icon Award. Puma realized that Rihanna has the style and influence of today and recently crowned her as one of their creative directors. She released the “Creeper” shoe in 2015, which sold out in the blink of an eye. That alone speaks on how much of an icon she truly is.



Rihanna is a natural twerk queen, since she hails from the island of Barbados. From twerking in her music visuals to on stage, and even on her Instagram page, she makes it look easy and make us want to shake what our mamas gave us! Check out some of her best twerk moments:

Makin’ It Rain


At the 2015 BET Awards, Rihanna had the ultimate bad girl moment when she threw money in Stephen G. Hill’s face right before hitting the stage. Everyone was in complete awe and shocked to the max. No one could believe that her bad girl attitude had reached an all-time high. Shortly after the show, everyone received a chill-pill when it was confirmed that the moment was, in fact, staged.

There you have it! 8 times Rihanna made us want to be a bad gal. Happy 28th RiRi. Xo!

Written By: Valerie Harris


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