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We’re hella excited about Black History Month here at EGL. The is a time to reflect on the hardships African Americans have endured as well as celebrate the success of our people. Even during the worst times, African Americans have always joined together in music. From  singing hymnals in the darkest of hours to listening to some sweet jazz when everything was going alright, melodies have always seemed to be a remedy for us. With that said, we created a black and poppin’ playlist to get you in the spirit for Black History Month.

1.James Brown- “Say it Loud (I’m Black and I’m Proud)” 

We can’t possibly talk about being black and proud without mentioning the theme song to black pride by the iconic James Brown.

2. Beyonce’ – “Formation”

Leave it to Queen Bey to remind us that we like our baby’s hair with baby hairs and afros. We mean, who didn’t want to be black after she dropped this politically charged anthem? And to make matters even better, our girl brought “Formation” straight to the super bowl with a team of all black dancers  who paid homage to the black panthers by wearing leather jackets and beret hats.

3. Jay-Z and Kanye West– “Niggas in Paris”

As two extremely successful black music moguls, it was only right that Jay-Z and Kanye dropped a song to express their success. In fact, they happen to be so successful that they casually hang out in Paris! We don’t know about y’all, but we’re inspired to ball so hard that mf’ers wanna find us too! LOL!

4. Remy Ma and Chris Brown – “Melanin Magic”

Our girl Remy Ma collaborated with Chris Breezy to remake a classic for all the beautiful chocolate women out there! Not to mention, our very own Yandy Smith made a cameo in the video.

5. Young Jeezy- “My President”

With his signature raspy voice and an infectious presidential beat, Young Jeezy perfectly captured one of our most precious moments in history.

6. Angie Stone-“Brotha”

Angie Stone gave us a song to cater to and uplift our black kings.

7. India.Arie-“I am not my Hair”

The soulful queen India.Arie sang a story that is all too familiar to black women: the trials, tribulations, and pride in your black hair.

8. Nas-“I Know I Can”

If we did not already know we were black and poppin’, hip-hop legend Nasty schooled the young and the old with the 2002 classic “I Know I Can!” Nas taught us that we don’t have to settle with being another statistic. He was also sure to teach us about our poppin’ African roots while he was at it! You gotta love it!

Written By: Rahkiya Brown


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