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Valentine’s Day is here and there shall be a new generation of Virgos and Libras created by lovers all over the world. Who drinking the water? Just kidding, but, maybe not. If you are the one to host Valentine’s Day, make sure you have your playlist tight. These days, there are more club bangers than love songs and everybody’s always ready to get “savage.” There is a time and a place for everything, and today, make sure you are on your kick-back game.

Here are 8 sexy songs for the lovers:

1. Joe- “All The Things” (Your Man Won’t Do)

2. Jon B- “Someone to Love” ft. Babyface

3. Tank- “When We”

4. Mint Condition- “U Send me Swingin’”

5. Chrisette Michele- “A Couple of Forevers”

6. Chris Brown- “Liquor”

7. Bruno Mars- “That’s What I Like”

8. Justin Timberlake ft. Beyonce “Until The End of Time”

We know this playlist will get you in the mood. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Written By: Kendra “Ke’Ke” Scott


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