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Every now and then some of our favorite celebrities have some pretty embarrassing, hilarious moments in front of thousands, sometimes millions, of fans. Whether they’re televised incidents or a video that has gone viral, you either feel embarrassed for them or laugh your a** off uncontrollably. Usually, the moments involve a fall, and in most cases, the stars recover gracefully … others, not so much.

So if you’re in need of a little laugh, check out these embarrassing celebrity moments. Just know, if we could insert the laughing with tears emoji after some of these, we would. Enjoy!

50 Cent’s Hot Mess of a Pitch

Now, when you think of Fiddy, you think of a nice, muscular, athletic dude who’s great at everything he touches. Nope! Not the case. 50 Cent threw a TERRIBLE first pitch at a Mets game back in 2014 and we mean TERRIBLE! So bad that it should’ve ruined his career.

We wonder why no one brings this up when he’s trolling them on Instagram.

Jennifer Lawrence Falls at the Oscars … TWICE!

We’re thinking Jennifer Lawrence has a thing for hitting the floor at the Oscars. In 2013 when she went to accept her first Academy Award for best actress, J. Law took a nosedive on the steps just before she made it to the podium for her acceptance speech. The following year, she took another plunge on the red carpet when she tripped over a cone as she stepped out of her limo. Poor thing.

Michelle Williams Falls on 106 & Park

This by far is one of the funniest moments of the decade. While performing their hit song, Soldier on BET’s 106 & Park, one-third of Destiny’s Child, Michelle Williams, took a hilarious plunge on the stage. As soon as you heard the mic hit the floor, you knew it was all bad, but the shade is all in the way as Kelly Rowland and Beyoncé looked at her while she was on the floor and proceeded with their choreography. Like, y’all not gonna help her up? Crying! She recovered though and kept marching on through the performance like a soldier.

Beyoncé Takes a Tumble Down Stairs at Concert

Maybe Beyoncé should’ve had Michelle’s back on 106 & Park and she wouldn’t have taken that nasty dip during one of her shows in Orlando back in 2007. While Bey was slaying her set, she decided to run down the stairs, resulting in her tripping and landing face first on the stage. In true diva fashion, the Queen rose like a champ and continued to slay.

Beyoncé’s Malaysian Bundles Get Caught in Fan

Somebody get the darn scissors! In 2013, Queen Bey had yet another embarrassing moment. While performing Halo at a Montreal concert, her expensive weave got caught in a fan. While security and a couple of members of production tried to free Bey from the hair snatching fan, she sang the complete second verse during the whole ordeal like a boss! She even joked about the incident on Instagram with a revamped verse of Halo.


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Justin Bieber Throws Up on Stage

During his Arizona date on his Believe Tour, Justin Bieber may have partied a little too hard the night before because he ended up turning his back on the crowd to throw up a couple of times during his performance of Out of Town Girl. He then apologized to the younger fans for the gross moment.

Christina Aguilera’s Odd Leak

The last place you would want to be embarrassed is during your performance at a legend’s funeral. Too bad for Christina Aguilera, she knows this experience all too well. While she performed at famed singer-songwriter Etta James’ funeral, Aguilera is seen rubbing an unknown reddish-brown liquid that ran down her leg. Her team claims it was an excess of spray tan. Hmmmmmm … ok.

Janet Jackson’s Super Bowl Nip Slip

Although a humiliating moment, Janet Jackson’s Super Bowl halftime performance turned out to be one of the most scandalous moments of Super Bowl history. During her routine with Justin Timberlake, JT pulled off a piece of Miss Jackson’s top, exposing her bare breast to the whole world. Dubbed as “Nipplegate,” it’s been an ongoing argument as to whether the wardrobe malfunction was an accident or planned.

See, celebrities are just like us! We all have embarrassing moments. The most important thing is to learn how to laugh at yourself. 

Written By: Nikki Cunningham


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