They say three’s a crowd…well, how about seven? Yes! That’s exactly what happened to Chris. Her sexy new love turned out to be the Hugh Heffner of the DMV and unknowingly she was one of his Playboy bunnies. Four months of lies, great sex and run ins with the other women sent this beauty on the verge of a nervous breakdown and jail time. Find out how she coped with the deception of loving a man who had no intentions on being a one-woman man!

Love at First Type

“First, let me say I was never the type of woman to sign up for online dating, but after the devastation of breaking up with my fiancé of four years I was pretty much game for anything,” says Chris, a feisty lady from North Carolina. She met her love interest on the website Plenty of Fish. “The first time I saw him I was mesmerized. That’s how fine he was. Everything about this man was perfect from head to toe.” The two met up after phone conversations, text messages and exchanging photos. “You’d think we were together for years. That’s how strong the chemistry was. The connection and sexual attraction was undeniable and I wanted to spend all my days and nights with him and I did!”


Photo courtesy of Chris.

Boasting and Posting

“I wanted everyone to know he belonged to me and I belonged to him. Everything was him. From the lock screen on my phone to my Facebook profile photo. Everything was him!”

And his compliance and complete submission to always pose for a flick or act out for a fun video was ammunition for Chris to continue to push forward with plans for a future.

Shady Business

“The first sign was him not accepting my Facebook and Instagram requests. The second sign was him disappearing for days at a time. Ladies, take heed. And the third and ultimate sign was when I checked his phone (which he volunteered and willingly turned over) and saw he was having x-rated dialogue with trashy women. I expressed myself and told him how I felt. I even contacted one of the women and told her he was taken. He promised to never do it again.”

What’s Done in the Dark 

Chris’ whole world came crashing down when she sent him a text saying, “Do you care?” His actions gave her all the confirmation she needed. “He never replied. To this day he has yet to respond to my question.” After a week had gone by Chris decided to pay her beau a visit. “I sat outside his house for two and a half hours. I called him, texted him and FaceTimed him and he never answered. I admit that I wanted to slash his tires and key his car but I didn’t. I have too much to lose but, God knows I wanted to. So instead of going to those extreme measures I reached out to his children’s mother only to find out they had been in a relationship for the past month which explained a lot of the unanswered text and calls.”  But that’s not the worst part. His children’s mother revealed to Chris a whole slew of other females she had recently caught him with. “She had even asked me if I had spent the past weekend with him because she had found a used condom by his bed.” Chris was mortified. “I did my research and found out I was one of many… seven to be exact.”

She’s Not Your Friend

Like many women when they found out about the other woman, Chris and the females began to exchange notes. “His children’s mother would call me all hours of the night and we’d talk. I had even sent her screenshots of he and I’s conversation. Explicit ones. Things I knew that would strike a nerve but I didn’t care.” Sadly, Chris didn’t know that this female had an ulterior motive and something to gain herself. “She gave me all the of the names of the women she knew he was sleeping with and I contacted each and every last one of them. They confirmed the obvious. One had even told me she knew about me and referred to me as the ‘crazy one.’ I guess it’s safe to say I did all of this chick’s dirty work. My biggest mistake was telling her that I had thought about slashing his tires. Because three days later that’s exactly what happened. The b*tch set me up. She had someone slash his tires and key his car and I was the person he called and accused but, I swear to God it wasn’t me! I received threatening phone calls from him and random women. They threatened to come to my job, my house, etc. It got really ugly.”

Slipping Into Darkness

“I was depressed. This was my first heartbreak. I didn’t eat. I couldn’t sleep. All I could do was think about how the man I thought I knew never existed. I constantly asked myself how? How can a man pretend to care for four months? We made love in the most intimate ways, I met his mother, he agreed to move out of state with me. I had to rearrange my entire life. But the thing that hurt me the most was the fact that he never gave me an explanation. No reason for the sudden break up, no response to my question…absolutely nothing!” Chris decided to surrender and submit to a higher power. “I had to turn it all over to God and I am so grateful I did. You reach a point where you have to let go and let God and I am happy I did.”

Word To The Wise

“Look out for the signs. If you two aren’t friends on social media that’s a sign. If he’s disappearing for days at a time, that’s a sign. And if you meet him online you best believe you’re not the only one he’s pursuing. Moral of the story is keep your eyes open and your legs closed!”

Since then Chris has decided to stay clear of dating sites, focus on her seven year old son and prepare for her move to Alabama where she will be attending ASU on a four-year scholarship!

Written By: Tahanee

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