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Ashanti has been harvesting her healthy conscious body and making low key money moves over the last few years. From participating in The Hamilton Mixtape and being Ciroc’s newest spokesmodel to acting and touring with Ja Rule, she has been booked and busy. Ashanti is another model example of how being multi-faceted could benefit your hustle.  As we reflect on the Grammy-award winning artist’s music career, one could definitely agree that Ashanti and Murder, Inc. ran the early 2000s. The Long Island native has broken Billboard Hot 100 records, released over five albums and continues to be a trendsetter.

Here are 7 reasons why Ashanti needs to drop an album on the world:

We need a follow up from Nelly, Murder Inc., Irv Gotti, etc. Ashanti has been through a lot since then.

Between the split with Irv Gotti and Murder, Inc. and rumors that she cheated on Nelly, Ashanti’s past is always brought up. It is one thing to continue to do interviews about it and speak her peace on the situations, but it is another to filter it into her music. Although her last two albums Braveheart (2014) and The Declaration (2008) didn’t do as well as her earlier albums and could’ve possibly spewed the aftermath of what she has been through, it is all about timing. Ashanti could literally reintroduce the songs on her previous albums and a whole new set of ears could be listening.

Fans low key, high key miss the Ja Rule duo.

Hits after hits, Ja Rule and Ashanti were the perfect pair. You could play their songs at a family BBQ, in the car, at the beauty shop, in the church parking lot (this was a stretch) and many places. Let’s be clear, you could sing-a-long with them and you knew the lyrics word for word without any hesitation.

Tell us about your new relationships.

It doesn’t have to be just a companion, but what about new relationships outside or inside the entertainment industry that have been profound to Ashanti’s new outlook on life and career.

The Long Island native just dropped “Sayless” featuring Ty Dolla $ign.

Oh yeah, new material here we go. Ashanti has such a sweet and delicate voice. Her collaboration with Ty Dolla was smart for sure. Ashanti proved that she still has it with the release of the club banger, “Sayless.” It fits right in with the times. Let’s talk about the single’s artwork. You can almost feel how happy she is to be in her skin and almost 40. Ashanti let them haters hate.

retrieved via instagram @ashanti

Ashanti is currently on tour.

Most artists who go on tour or gearing up to release new music or they are performing their new music. We think it’s safe to say there will be a release at some point during the first few months of 2018. Don’t you think? She already teased us with her new single, so we definitely sense an album coming.

To get back at Wendy Williams.

Ashanti recently made headlines for telling a fan off for throwing “stripper” money at her when she was performing at a venue in Hawaii. A few celebrities had a little something to say, but the well-known gossiper Wendy Williams infused her opinion and an unnecessary dose of disrespect by saying that no one cares about Ashanti’s music and she isn’t respected like artists such as Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez (whom she has ghost wrote material for). Just kill the naysayers with success, Ashanti!

Because believe it or not, Ashanti definitely still has a fan base.

Now-now, let’s not act like you don’t miss the early 2000s style of music. Anything we can do to assist in the speediness of this process, Ashanti? The world needs another “Always on Time” (Venni Vetti Vecci, Ja Rule,1999), “Rain on Me” (Chapter II, 2003), and don’t act like you didn’t mimic the dances in “Happy” (Self-titled, 2002).

We hope to see Ashanti make her music comeback ASAP!

Written By: Keandra “Ke’Ke” Scott


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