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So long Summer17 you’ve served us well! While we love you dearly, but we bid you farewell as we get into your sister season Fall! Why are we excited? Well first, the weather is cooling down, the leaves will be turning all sorts of pretty and the color of life, in general, will change from bright to warm. Ushering in a new season always lends room to change and we live for a change. Here are seven reasons why you should be jumping for joy.

The Wardrobe

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Can’t speak for anyone else but we adore Fall fashion. Cozy, comfortable, warm pieces are the order of the day. Getting your look together is just part of the fun for the cooler months and the best part is you don’t have to overthink it! Sweaters, jackets, scarfs, hats, boots – Oh my! Dust them off and shine them up! You don’t have to buy an entirely new wardrobe either. We love this time of year because we can layer on pieces that we would usually wear separately. Add and take away key elements to turn your look up or down.


The Food

Warm pies, soups, casseroles, and loaves of bread are regulars on our lists. Comfort foods as we call them, do double duty …. satisfy your appetite and warm you from the inside out. One of the best ways to make a good soup is to get the best ingredients. After compiling your list, peruse either farmer’s markets or the produce section of your local grocers. One of our favorites is warm, creamy pumpkin soup. Everyone has their own recipe but for comfort’s sake, we’ll clue you in on one key ingredient, coconut milk.

Warm The Home and Scent-sational Candles!

Taken directly from the food pallets, adding pumpkin spice, apple cinnamon, and vanilla scents to your home in the form of oils or candles help to aid in the coziness of your surroundings. We spend more than enough time at work, so we owe it to ourselves to fill our homes with wonderful scents. You can also try aromatic wall plugins or diffusers. Also using essential oils will take your home to a whole ‘nother level. Make sure to make your home a place of relaxation and adding soothing scents will help.

The Beauty Outside

Just look outside ….. the red, gold, and brown tones of the leaves, this is a perfect and probably the prettiest time of year! Just outside of your door is the perfect backdrop for virtually anything. No paint or help necessary, Mother Nature shows right off and you should take full advantage. Snap a few candid pictures, bask in the moment … enjoy it and quit all that fuss about losing summer! We’ve fallen for Fall! And we’re enjoying every minute of it!

Written by: Joyanne Lawrence

 IG & Twitter: iam_joii



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