Could Podcasts be the new form of radio? Is it an under appreciated form of journalism in today’s society or is it a modern way to communicate? Just like the early stage of radio, many people were uneasy, but now podcasts are on the rise. Proven to be a kickstarter for a lot of industry leaders’ careers, podcasts get content to consumers in a fresh new way, making them binge-worthy and super entertaining. So, if you are trying to get hip to the whole podcast thing, we have you covered. Here is a list of 7 podcasts to check out:

Double Toasted

Starting out on Austin Public Access TV then creating, best buds Korey Coleman and Martin Thomas created a highly successful movie review podcast and they also touch on pop culture.

To listen to this podcast, visit:

Day 1 Radio

Based out of Atlanta and making tread throughout the country, founders Branden Peters and Maurice Garland have one of the most well-respected podcasts in the South. From platforming local and major artists to showcasing black-owned businesses making  positive influences in the community, their podcast is about cultivating an avenue through interviews and being on the scene.

To listen to this podcast, visit:

The Joe Budden Podcast

Well-known Hip-Hop star Joe Budden, Mal and Rory blend up “no holds barred” and controversial topics. Discussing music, intimacy, and life in general is their game as they keep it non-political.

To listen to this podcast, visit:

Angela Yee’s Lip Service

Popular syndicated radio star of The Breakfast Club, Angela Yee with co-hosts  Stephanie Santiago, GiGi Maguire, and Leah McSweeney keep it 100% while discussing relationships and sex. Of course, it’s Yee, so you know they bring some of the hottest hip-hop stars in to discuss some intriguingly juicy bedroom topics that will have you stunned.

To listen to this podcast, visit:

Rap Radar Podcast

When it comes to keeping artists on their toes in an interview, long-time journalists Elliott Wilson and Brian ‘B.Dot’ Miller are your guys. They’ve done the research and the time. This podcast is educational and full of content.

To listen to this podcast, visit:

Why Won’t You Date Me? W/Nicole Byer

If it is hard for you to discuss intercourse, this podcast will expand your mind and bring you out. Comedian Nicole Byer keeps it unfiltered while chatting about the single life, racism, food and many other random topics. This podcast is like digging in the mind of an adult human being, for real. Tune in to get your dose.

To listen to this podcast, visit:

Diva Unfiltered W/ Dominique Da Diva & Chey Parker

Do you want to laugh and have some girl talk? Well, you definitely have to check out the Diva Unfiltered podcast with Dominque Da Diva and EGL’s E-I-C Chey Parker. Discussing everything from Hip-hop, fashion, millennial pop culture and more, this podcast is sure to have you intrigued and screaming, “Yass girl, I feel you!”

To listen to this podcast, visit:

Written By: Keandra “Ke’Ke” Scott-Tatum


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