Ladies we are going to utter one word that is literally the bane of our existence: BRAS! We think we are one size for so long then we get fitted and BOOM we go from a 34B to a 38G. Our bras definitely determine our outfits on an everyday basis. We hustle through our closets looking for the perfect bra to go under a specific top; we all know this can take way too much time. The summer is no exception to the annoyance of picking out our undergarments. We want to find bras that are comfortable and let us breathe in all the right places. We looked high and low for the best summer bra-don’t worry we included the link so you can click and purchase!

Warner’s Women’s Play It Cool Wire-free Contour Bra With Lift -$21.38

The name of this bra says it all. The Play It Cool Bra is wire free so we don’t have to worry about them popping out at the worse possible time. It also has a Chill FX lining in the cups which cools and wicks away moisture-NO MORE SWEATY BOOBS! It comes in 6 colors ranging in sizes 32A to 40C.

Olga Women’s Play It Cool Wirefree Contour Bra -$22.00

Ah ha! You didn’t think that we would forget about our ladies with fuller breast! The Olga Women’s Play it Cool is very similar to the Warner’s Play it Cool bra but comes in sizes 34D to 44DD. It also comes with the Chill FX lining and is available in 6 colors.

3PACK Womens Seamless Nursing Bra Bralette S-XL with Free Bra Extenders -$20

What’s better than one bra at $20? 3 Bras for $20!  This bralette is for our nursing mother. The best thing about this bralette is it comes with free bra extenders. Gone are the days of boring nursing bras. Welcome the days of cute comfy style bras.

Floral Lace Halter Bra Bralette Sweat Fiber Lining Cute Unpadded Bamboo Top Sheer Bustier Crop Wireless Lingerie -$14.99

Although this bra is not great for support, we have to admit we LOVE this bralette. In our defense it also have the sweat fiber lining.  This adorable bralette comes in over 15 different colors. This would be amazing under a sheer shirt on a hot summer night.

Wacoal Halo Lace Molded Underwire Bra -$48

Lace is an automatic air conditioner in the summer ladies. We love this Wacoal Halo Lace bra because it comes with a J-hook to turn it into a racerback. We are all about two for ones! Sizes range from 32C to 32G.

Women’s Lace T-Shirt T-Back Push-Up Plunge Bra – Xhilaration -$12.99

This Xhilaration bra is from one of our favorite stores-Target. We all go in Target for one item and come out with a truckload of items. This bra is for our petite ladies! Ranging from sizes 32A to 38D. It is the perfect dainty bra. We wouldn’t be mad if this bra suddenly made an appearance through an open button (hint hint!). It also comes with a detailed laced racer back-PLUS!!

On Gossamer Active Uplift Sports Bra -$36.00

On Gossamer hit the name on the head with their Active Uplift Sports Bra. So much so that we couldn’t tell it was an actual sports bra! This bra is sexy and serves a purpose! Only downside is that it comes in limited sizes (I know we cried a little as well). The only available sizes are 32B to 36C-if any of these are your sizes you are in LUCK!

We hope our search for summer bras has helped relieve a little of your stress! Just click and purchase and let us know how much you love (or not) our summer picks! We wish you nothing but cool boobs during this super hot season.

Written by: Crystal Stoute of


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