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After a long hot and humid summer, nothing makes us happier than to welcome the cooler months and the cozier time of the year. As the temperature drops, we tend to pile on the layers and equally, we should do that in our homes. While we may have subtracted for the summer, now is the time to add. Here are 7 pieces that you should totally add to your home decor.


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Who doesn’t love to be wrapped in comfort while participating in your favorite pastime? Whether you’re reading or simply vegging out in front of the tv, there is nothing more comfortable than a throw. Choose from wool to cashmere, low end to high. One thing’s for sure, you’ll never go wrong with one.


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Adding another layer of cozy to your environment are pillows. There are pillows for everything! Cushions, full body pillows, neck pillows all add to the ambience of your home. Choose these in mixed fabrics and warm colors for an instant transition.


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Now we are of the belief that you should burn candles all day, every day, but for the Fall, we concentrate on specific scents. Pumpkin, vanilla and any combination of spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg are the must have scents to usher in the new season.


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Picture this, you wake up to the freshness of crisp new air and swing your feet over the side of your bed and onto ….. the cold floor. What is wrong with that picture? While it might be a good idea to shock your body into awake mode, we tend to think it’ll be better if you ease yourself into it instead. Adding mats to the floor not only tie in your decor from top to bottom, but they serve a dual purpose of becoming a buffer. Sounds good to us.


Room Darkening Curtains


You may have opted to have sheer curtains or none at all to allow for the breeze to come on through. But with cooler air, we want to block it from chilling our bodies. Room darkening curtains are dual purpose. 1. Because they are thicker they act as a shield to incoming air while also trapping heat into the room and 2. They help keep the room dark allowing for a good night’s sleep. When you can kill two birds with one stone, you should absolutely do that.


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Heaters, Furnaces & Fire Pits


Our main concentration has been on the interior of the home but if you have an area where you can utilize a fire pit or a furnace, I encourage you to do so. Not only are these aesthetically cool, they allow you to still enjoy the outdoors even when you would normally be inside. There’s something about sitting by the fire whether inside or out, that adds another element of comfort, cozy and sexy.


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Bean Bags

Bean bags have become a favorite especially because of their ease. You don’t always want to be sitting astutely as if you were in class or at work and what better piece to add but this? Because they’re easily transportable, and come in different fabrics and colors, you can use these either inside or out, in any space you wish to.


Welcome in Autumn by “jujing” up your space and by taking it to the next level.


Written by: Joyanne Lawrence, Modern Domestic, Staff Writer 

IG & Twitter: iam_joii



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